Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Ciao! I had the privilege of studying abroad in Florence, Italy. From my daily espresso shot in the morning, runs across the Ponte Vecchio, strolls in and out of new museums and luxury fashion stores, mouth-watering cuisine, entertaining nightlife, learning a new language, being awed constantly by the rich architecture and artwork within the city, being fully immersed into a new culture, living in an adorable apartment with roommates from all over the world, and staying in a central location that is easy travel to my next destination is a few of the reasons why I loved studying abroad in Florence. While abroad, I learned how to “adult” and seek opportunities for myself. For example, if you get a full weekend trip at a competitive discount only one hour before departure – pack your bags and run for it! I enjoyed visiting the south to north end of Italy, London for Fashion Week, Munich for Oktoberfest, Greece for some fall break island hopping, Budapest for the history, Austria for their world-famous Christmas markets and “Sound of Music” tour, and Switzerland for the Alps and chocolate of course! Beyond the Italian lifestyle and travels, academically I was challenged and I really enjoyed my Italian professors. Florence easily became my home away from home. The experience I received from studying abroad is rare and I will be talking about my four months in Italy forever. If you choose to study abroad you will find your experience to be one of the most humbling and liberating experiences you will encounter in college. There is no better time to travel and continue your education globally. For now, I will count the days until I’m back in my home away from home or traveling to my next destination…

By : Lisa Milburn ’19  (Studied abroad Fall ’17 in Florence, Italy)

A once in a life time opportunity!

In the Fall semester of 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Australia! This experience exposed me to an amazing culture. It was really awesome to become part of Australia’s life for 4 months. I have a heightened perspective of the world around me, and it helped me realize that the routines I experience everyday in the United States isn’t the end all be all of my life. Australia is a beautiful country/continent and I am so lucky to have lived and studied there for such an extended period of time. I recommend studying abroad 100 percent and I would definitely go again!

-Daniel Smoke ’20 (studied abroad Fall ’17 in Gold Coast, Australia)

Study Abroad Australia, Most Memorable Experience of my Life.

Throughout my semester abroad, I really emerged in the culture and experienced many things that the country had to offer. I went to Australia. I went to an amazing university named Bond University, which was located in Gold Coast, Queensland. Personally, going into this “Last Minute” decision, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After taking long flight after flight, and adjusting to the time zone, I was in full effect. Living on campus, making friends with people from all over the world, and going out a little too much… I was literally living the dream. I managed to make more friends in Australia than I probably made in the last few years here in the United States. The way they taught classes in Australia was even better than school here, in the U.S.. I passed all of my classes and went to explore some amazing places all over Australia. Sydney, Brisbane, Straddie Island, and dozens of beaches throughout Queensland.  I managed to do everything on my bucket list. If anyone is thinking about studying abroad and they don’t know whether or not that they should, DO IT. This experience was the best I’ve ever had, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I still keep in touch with the friends I made over there on Snapchat and Facebook, and most likely will go back in the future. Australia left me with some amazing friends and memories, and I definitely left Australia with a piece of me.

– Evan Boyce ’19  (studied abroad Fall ’17 in Gold Coast, Australia)