Holistic Health takes on Ireland 🍀

Hello everyone 👋🏾 ! Here are some pictures of our awesome group at various locations in Ireland either toning, meditating or having a great time. It’s an amazing feeling to travel with such a great group of people!

Pleasant Surprise 💚

We were surprised with an awesome and calming horse ride to Ross Castle in Killarney. Soon after a boat ride to a sacred island called Innisfallen Island. This was an island of peace and seclusion. We spent a great amount of time toning and meditation here . We even got a chance to write in your journals .

No Sleep, No Problem

I cannot believe we are already completed DAY FOUR of Ireland. To be fair, days one and two were combined into one long 48 hour day with approximately four hours of sleep. Side note: Aer Lingus has some tasty food!

On the first/second day – lets call it “fecond” we started off at Lough Tae on our way to Glendalough. Lough Tae was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. It’s glasslike appearance and ombré color gives the impression of the infamous Guinness Glass. Refer to: below.

Here, the seven of us and our tour guide participated in a “Grounding” led by our leader, Sophia. She helped us not only get in touch with nature and one another, but also ourselves. It was very powerful and special, as we could all feel the energy within each other.

Next, we arrived at Glendalough to experience the crystal forest. If you believe, you might find a few fairies hiding within the quartz. The hike up to the forest was a short one, but a tad steep, so my legs were definitely feelin’ the burn.

The highlight of Glendalough for me was when I found a white quartz in the shape of New Jersey. I hadn’t even realized it until after I took the picture.

However, we also got to feel the energy spiraling around the round tower, and in the crystal forest.

Again, Stephanie led a lovely ceremony using a maraca and drum to help us become one with the earth and its core. It was peaceful and moving, and once we were done, we cleansed our feet in the stream of water that flowed beneath us. The days were already more spiritual than I had imagined, and I was loving every moment!

At night, we walked around Dublin to explore the city. It was absolutely stunning! The colors, the lights, the people, the pubs, the everything. It was so quaint and charming.

Plus, I got to have my first Guinness, Kahlua coffee, and gelato of the trip. Hoping they weren’t my last either (they weren’t because I’ve continued to have a Guinness any chance I get).

Yesterday, which was day three, was my favorite day so far. It was the 25,000 step and calorie tour of Dublin. We started at the Mercy International Center, where we had a lovely and sweet tour guide named Sister Carita. She explained to us the history of the house and Katherine McCauley. As I said in my first post, this brave woman built the house in a wealthy area of Dublin to help, as well as educate, those in need.

After non-stop salivating from the delicious homemade scones and tea we received, we headed to the National Museum of Ireland. There was so much history that we could all feel it. It is known that when you first walk into the museum, under the dome is high energy. Sophia and the other group leader, Jeff, said their heads were spinning! Inside the museum, there were lots of interesting pieces that held a lot of meaning, stories, and emotions behind them. My favorite were the gold necklaces!

Once we left the museum, we went to the Book of Kells at Trinity College. The Long Hall was the highlight. The sunlight hit the books just perfectly, so that they appeared gold.

The next stop, we had the option of the Gallery of Ireland or the Guinness Storehouse. Being the 26-year-old that I am, I went with Guinness. It was the best decision of my life, and one of the coolest things I had ever seen. No tour guide is necessary to learn all there is about Guinness, its ingredients, process, advertisements, history, etc. Plus, the tour ended with a free pint and option to enjoy it in their 365 degree view of Dublin.

Because one Guinness wasn’t enough, we went on a pub crawl that we booked through our hostel. It was so fun to see the varieties of bars and meet interesting people from all over the world!

Today, we woke up early to leave for Boyne. We saw New Grange and Knowth. These sacred “tombs,” which is in question on what they are actually for, are covered with symbols drawn on rocks from other rocks. These rocks weigh tons, and were all placed so that they could never be removed. Although we were originally told the sacred places were 5,000 years old, it is more likely that they are up to 11,000 years old.

New Grange


Once we left Boyne, we went to another place in Slane called Hills of Tara. Here, there were two tall hills, both with high energy. We chanted “om” as we meditated in a circle and felt the energy brought about by the stone that stood tall in the center of one hill.

The night ended at the Slane Castle for dinner, which was absolutely “grand,” as my fellow Irish would say. Can’t wait for the next adventure tomorrow!

Xx, Kelsey

Let the Countdown Begin

Only 20 days, 60 meals, 19 sleeps, and 2 Mondays until we leave for Ireland… but who’s counting?

DAYS 1 & 2 – On the 3rd of June, we leave to explore the lovely Emerald Isle. We will arrive early Monday morning at five o’clock, hopefully with strong coffees in our hands. Energy will be extremely necessary for a day of adventure from the Sugar Loaf Mountains to Glendalough! Any takers who will reenact a scene from “P.S. I Love You,” in Glendalough?

*Thing to know about Glendalough: it is known for its scenery, as well as its historical and archaeological heritage.* We will have the privilege of visiting the Round Tower, as well as walking along the riverbanks, woods, lakes, and waterfalls. Talk about getting our 10,000 steps in for the day! With all that walking, we might need a gallon of water, some new shoes, and a vibrational healer. Healer, Jane Donald, will participate in a meditation at the Crystal Healing Forest right before we peacefully make the drive to Dublin for some Guinness and music!

DAYS 3 & 4Dublin! So little time, so much to do. When we arrive in Dublin, we will go to the First House of Mercy, which was built by Catherine McAuley to help those in need. Next up, the National Art Gallery, Guinness Storehouse, National Museum of Ireland, and Trinity College.

After we leave Dublin, we will travel along the Boyne Valley to the Bru na Boinne. Try saying that ten times fast! This will lead us to choose between the New Grange Portal Tomb and the Knowth Megalithic Passage Tomb. They both are 5,000 years old! Next, we will walk around TaraMeath, where the kings of Ireland and Tuatha de Dannan ruled. The Hills of Tara is a MUST SEE!

DAYS 5 & 6 – If you’ve ever taken the time to watch Stranger Things, and have wondered what it would be like to be in the “Upside Down,” I am sort of picturing a similar situation with Uisneach. A place where the thin veil between the natural and supernatural slips away. Think: magic, unicorns, gods, and goddesses (minus the unicorns).

All this feel good talk is making me eager for the Sound Healing Practitioner, Anne Tyrell, at the Bally Mac Lodge Healing Retreat. We will experience a Sound Bath, followed by a gourmet lunch, and then head to Galway.

First stop in Galway is Mount Croagh Patrick, AKA the “Reek.” The mountain is 764 meters, overlooking Clew Bay in County Mayo. It is the holiest mountain in Ireland! If time allows (fingers crossed), we will then visit ancient monasteries in Cong Abbey.

DAYS 7 & 8 – So long Galway, it is now it’s time for Co. Clare and the Aillwee Caves. An underground river and waterfall can be seen in this 350,000 year old cave. The Birds of Prey, Poulnabrone Dolmen Portal Tomb, and the Burren stone walls are also on the agenda.

I have only heard wonderful things about our next stop: the Cliffs of Moher! After countless photo ops, we will head to the St. Brigit’s Healing Holy Well, and then travel through Limerick to Killarney in Co. Kerry.  I’m very excited to rent and ride a bike around Killarney, or to discover that I can actually hit a golf ball at the golf course!

After a day of fun activities, we have a free day. The options are limitless: Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption, St. Patrick Marble Wall Mural, Killarney House & Gardens, the local Holy Well, etc.

DAYS 9 & 10Surprise adventure! Don’t worry, I will be sure to keep you posted on the surprise. After, we will go to the Sacred Innisfallen Island, which is an enchanted island. We will discover the ancient monasteries, old universities, and perform ceremony work. Somewhere along the way, I hope to catch a leprechaun, but willing to settle for a bowl of Lucky Charms. When the boat returns, we will go to the Ross Castle, take a stroll in the the Killarney National Park, and listen to traditional Irish music.

I am eagerly awaiting the next stop on the trip: Dingle…partly because “Dingle” is fun to say. Here, we will go on Killarney’s World Famous Tour of the Dingle Peninsula. But just imagine… picturesque mountains and unusual antiquities. After, we will stop at the Inch Bech, and then experience the Slea Head drive to view the Blasket Islands. We will also spend time in Dingle Town to meditate by the Atlantic Ocean.

Unfortunately, this post is coming to an end… and so is our trip.

Days 11 & 12 – Muckross Abbey is the place we will connect with the ancient energy of the Abbey and the Sacred Yew Tree. We will do healing work and a Celtic Chakra Spiral Meditation. After, we’ll be “chasin’ waterfalls” (infamous lyrics from 90’s group, TLC) at the Torc Waterfall. Next, we have the first of our stone circles: Kenmare Stone Circle, which is one of the largest stone circles in south west Ireland. And because two is always better than one, we will then go to Co. Limerick for the Grange Lois Stone Circle, which is the largest stone circle in Ireland.

When we are done healing at the high vibrational sites, we will head to Limerick City to the Mary Immaculate College for dinner. Dinner will be so good, that we are going to want to have breakfast there the next morning! After breakfast, we will leave for the airport, cry about how we have to leave this magical place and go back to the real world, hug our new friends goodbye, and bring our new positive energy back home!

Cannot wait! Xx, Kelsey

Bursting with excitement

Hello GCU community ! The Ireland group is officially less than a month away from hopping on a plane and beginning their journey through Ireland. Throughout this journey we hope to have you all see the beauty and culture of Ireland through photos and post.