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Georgian Court University is monitoring COVID-19 case trends. Vaccines are mandatory, and boosters are required for all students as of Fall 2022. The university will lift the limits on in-person meetings and will return to a mask-optional policy on Monday, June 6, 2022. Students are reminded that under the mask-optional policy, faculty may require masking during class sessions. Please continue to keep a mask with you at all times.

Please see the updated Fall 2022 Policy for Students for more details.

Please regularly check GCU e-mails and for the most up-to-date information.

Campus Communications

Aerial view of GCU campus

Since the start of the pandemic, Georgian Court University has maintained regular communication with the campus community. This page contains all COVID-related communications since the start of the pandemic.

COVID-19 GCU Community Update

COVID Update

There have been no new reported cases of COVID-19 among employees or students this week.  As a result, the university will lift the limits on in-person meetings and will return to a mask-optional policy on Monday, June 6, 2022.  Students are reminded that under the mask-optional policy, faculty may require masking during class sessions.

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COVID-19 GCU Community Update

COVID Update

Dear GCU Community Members: Please be advised that we have been experiencing an uptick in the COVID cases on campus.  In an effort to minimize a spread throughout the university, we are implementing the following measures: All faculty/staff meetings must be virtual. Masks should be worn in all indoor common spaces. Social distancing should be

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COVID-19 Student Update

COVID-19 Boosters Required for All Students as of Fall 2022 Semester

As we prepare for the Fall 2022 semester and another full return to campus, Georgian Court University is requiring all students to be up to date with the COVID-19 vaccine shot.  According to the CDC, “You are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines when you have received all doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible.” Booster shots are required as of the Fall 2022 semester.  

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COVID-19 GCU Community Update

GCU to Lift Mask Requirement, Effective Friday, April 1

I am pleased to announce that our campus will lift the COVID-19 mask requirement, effective next Friday, April 1. The steady decline in COVID-19 cases, combined with our ability to do more outdoors in warmer temperatures, presents an opportunity for us to become a mask-optional, mask-friendly campus. This means that while face coverings generally will not be required, they can still be worn by anyone who feels more comfortable with a mask. Please continue to keep a mask with you at all times.

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COVID-19 Faculty & Staff Update

Updated Faculty and Staff COVID-19 Policies

As we face the emergence of multiple COVID variants, the university is requiring all faculty and staff members to be up to date on vaccinations for COVID-19 or to submit weekly COVID-19 PCR tests. While limited religious and medical exemptions still apply, our goal is to protect the campus community from the virus and these many variants.

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Below is a repository of all archived university communications concerning GCU's response to the COVID-19 virus.

As we face the emergence of multiple COVID variants, the university is requiring all faculty and staff members to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or to submit weekly COVID-19 tests. While limited religious and medical exemptions still apply, our goal is to protect the campus community from the virus and these many variants.

Proof of vaccination or submission of weekly COVID-19 tests are required for all employees effective October 1, 2021. A copy of your CDC vaccination card should be shared with the Office of Human Resources, which will keep your information strictly confidential. Faculty and staff directions for submitting proof of vaccination are located here:

Those who have not provided proof of vaccination will be assumed to be unvaccinated. Anyone who has been identified as unvaccinated (including those with medical or religious exemptions) will be required to get a weekly PCR test and provide results to the Office of Human Resources every Friday beginning on October 8, 2021. Failure to provide test results on time will result in progressive disciplinary measures.

To request a medical exemption, submit your medical records detailing why you cannot be vaccinated. For a religious exemption, you must submit a written statement detailing your objections. All employee vaccine exemption requests must be e-mailed to tphUE@trbetvna.rqh and will be kept confidential.


Regardless of your vaccination status, masks are required for students, faculty, staff, and visitors whenever inside any GCU facility. Face coverings should meet the CDC standards: Your Guide to Masks | CDC. Masks must completely cover your nose and mouth and fit snugly against the side of your face, without gaps. Face shields are acceptable only for faculty while teaching if the faculty member can maintain 6 feet of distance from the class. Similar allowances would be made for presenters at a meeting or event.

Masks are not required when actively eating or drinking. In addition, they are not required in private offices or workstations where physical barriers are present and 6 feet of distance can be maintained.

If you see an individual not properly wearing their mask inside buildings, you have the following options:

  • Politely ask them to properly wear a mask per the GCU policy.;
  • Contact the Office of Campus Safety at 732-987-2613 or frphevgl@trbetvna.rqh.
  • For students, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 732-987-2601 or qbf@trbetvna.rqh.
  • For employees, contact the Office of Human Resources at 732-987-2287 or tphue@trbetvna.rqh.


We want to stress to all faculty and staff that we are committed to maintaining the health of everyone on campus and, to that end, we require anyone who is not feeling well to stay home.

To protect our progress, we are looking to the CDC ( and state public health officials for guidance.

In the event an employee is required to quarantine or isolate, time off will come from sick/personal/vacation leave balances unless the immediate supervisor approves alternate work arrangements. If no leave time is available, the quarantine time will be unpaid. Employees with exemption questions should contact the Office of Human Resources at 732-987-2215. (See policy at

All employees must isolate if they test positive for COVID-19.

If You Are Fully Vaccinated

  • If you have close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, you will generally not be required to quarantine. The university strongly recommends that you be tested within three to five days of close contact and monitor yourself for symptoms. Any changes in your health status must be reported to the Office of Human Resources.
  • Continue to use the CampusClear app each day you come to campus.

If You Are Unvaccinated or Not Fully Vaccinated

  • After October 1, you are required to get tested weekly for COVID-19 and submit your confidential results to HR every Friday beginning October 8, 2021. Any testing costs will be at your expense. Free public testing is also available in New Jersey:
  • If you have close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, you must quarantine for the prescribed number of days. All close contact exposures must be reported to the Office of Human Resources.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in progressive disciplinary action.
  • Continue to use the CampusClear app each day you come to campus.

Guidelines for Class, In-Person Meetings and Events Involving Students

  • If a student advises you they have COVID-19 and you have been in class, at a meeting, or at an event with them:
    1. Contact the Office of Health Services at ext. 2756 or urnygufreivprf@trbetvna.rqh and report the student’s name and any relevant details, including date of encounter.
      • For classes/events where you are the convener, send Health Services your class attendance list for the date in question (and the previous 48 hours if your class meets more than once per week).
      • For classes/events where you are not the convener, provide Health Services with the information about the meeting including date, time, and location.
    2. Contact the Office of Human Resources at ext. 2287 or tphue@trbetvna.rqh and report that you have had a positive case in your class, meeting or event.
  • If a student reports their COVID-19 positive status directly to Health Services and is in your class or reported being at a meeting/event organized by you:
    1. You will be contacted by Health Services, which will request your class, meeting, or event attendance list for the date in question (and the previous 48 hours if your class meets more than once per week) and other pertinent information.
    2. Health Services will not share the student’s name or condition with you. However, students will likely notify faculty if they are missing a class for quarantine or isolation. Faculty may, but are not required to, ask a student to provide documentation associated with their absence, including the health services notification sent to the student.

If you have questions, please reach out via e-mail to tphUE@trbetvna.rqh or call ext. 2287.

Dear Georgian Court University Community,

The fall semester is fast approaching, and I am eager to see you back on campus. We are moving full steam ahead with preparations for classes and building improvements along with our ongoing concern for your health and safety.

The COVID-19 pandemic remains with us, and the spread of the virus is as serious as ever. The Delta variant is driving infection, hospitalizations, and increasing mortality rates in recent weeks. These disturbing trends, coupled with an urgent request from the New Jersey Department of Health, prompted university leadership to review and revise the policy on requiring student vaccinations. This is an ongoing public health crisis that requires our vigilance.

Updated Requirements for Fall 2021

To protect the progress we have made to date, and in keeping with guidance from the New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) and the CDC, we are expanding the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.


For Students

Resident students must still be fully vaccinated with vaccination records submitted to the Office of Health Services five days prior to check-in. Resident students who are not fully vaccinated will not be permitted to check-in. Commuter students must be fully vaccinated with vaccination records submitted to Health Services by October 1. Commuter students, both undergraduate and graduate, who do not comply by the October 1, 2021, deadline will be blocked from registering for Spring 2022 classes and will be subject to other sanctions.

Student Health records can be submitted electronically through Pyramed, the student health portal, or students can scan/photograph vaccination records and e-mail them to Health Services at urnygufreivprf@trbetvna.rqh. *The CDC defines fully vaccinated as two weeks after the final dose of the Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, or Moderna vaccines. See When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated | CDC.

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are also strongly encouraged to be vaccinated by October 1. We still need to do all that we can to make our campus as safe and as healthy as possible. As leaders, we are examining the best ways to do this while balancing our commitment to public health and respect for all individuals in the Georgian Court community. More information for faculty and staff will be shared soon. Faculty and staff are urged to submit their vaccination records to the Office of Human Resources, where they will be kept in confidence. Having the records will help us assess the vaccination level on campus. If vaccination rates lag, a decision on mandating vaccinations will be revisited.


Religious and medical exemptions will still be permitted and will be processed through the Office of Health Services. Students should contact Health Services directly at urnygufreivprf@trbetvna.rqh or 732-987-2756 with exemption questions and requests. Employees with exemption questions should contact the Office of Human Resources at 732-987-2215.

Face Coverings

Face coverings will remain mandatory in all indoor locations (classrooms, offices, etc.) for the duration of the Fall 2021 semester regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings are not mandated in private offices and the residence halls.

As it has for the past 18 months, the COVID situation remains fluid. We are considering the possibility of going mask-optional after October 1. At the same time, events could always trigger other revisions.

The Continued Fight Against COVID-19

Vaccinations are proving effective at keeping people safe, even as aggressive COVID variants affect those who are not vaccinated. By being vaccinated, we can help protect other people from becoming infected and we can help reduce the chances of variants developing and spreading.

Our decision-making takes many factors into consideration—the expertise of CDC and state public health care professionals, as well as what is happening with other New Jersey colleges and others. For example, our longtime partner Hackensack Meridian Health recently required all employees, vendors, and volunteers to get the vaccine, unless they qualify for an exemption.

For GCU, vaccinations also help us get back to a more normal, in-person experience, including the optional use of face coverings. More than anything, I am eager to see you, our campus community, reconnect with colleagues and friends.

Details for submitting proof of vaccination, COVID-19 testing requirements, noncompliance issues, quarantine policies, and more will be shared via e-mail and on the GCU website ( in coming days. Watch your inbox for information from Student Affairs, Human Resources, and other campus offices for continued updates.

Ensuring the health of our campus community is a matter of caring for each other and serving the common good—an extension of who we are as a Catholic institution. Thank you for all you have done to help us get through the pandemic and emerge stronger in 2021. I look forward to our full and safe return to GCU very soon.

Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear GCU Community,

We are pleased and optimistic about the rapid decline of COVID-19 cases in New Jersey, and the fact that higher education is specifically identified in Gov. Phil Murphy’s Executive Order #242, which lifts major restrictions. This means we are no longer required to implement policies of social distancing in our classrooms, and this change will be helpful for fall planning.

Even in our optimism, all existing campus policies (except for the requirement to wear a face covering outside) are still in place. Indoors, face coverings are still required when social distancing is not possible. In addition, we ask that you continue to use the Campus Clear app or complete the campus visitor survey  ( when coming to campus. Both tools are being updated to meet current guidance. For example, you will soon be able to be cleared based on your COVID-19 vaccination status.    

While there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, we are being cautious based on guidance from the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education. We know that guidelines continue to shift, and we at GCU continue to assess restrictions. We are counting on your continued cooperation to help us get through this phase of the pandemic.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the health of our campus and to each other.


Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Janice Warner, Ph.D.

As part of our plans for a successful fall return to in-person classes and a fully integrated on-campus experience, the university will require COVID-19 vaccinations for anyone living in GCU’s four residence halls. Ensuring that students who live, eat, and socialize in close quarters are vaccinated is one of several ways we aim to continue protecting the health of the GCU community.

While the CDC and the New Jersey Department of Health still recommend masks and social distancing in the congregate setting regardless of vaccination status, we expect a decreased need to place resident students into quarantine and isolation with a fully vaccinated residential population.

Ultimately, our commitment to the common good and the need to support public health drive this decision and other recommendations. In addition to the requirement for resident students:

  • As of this week, New Jersey residents 16 and older became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. All faculty, staff, and commuter students are strongly encouraged to become vaccinated. For resident students, detailed information and deadlines for getting vaccinated will come from the Office of Health Services and other offices.
  • The university will consider medical and religious exemptions from the vaccine requirement, based on GCU’s guidelines for reasonable accommodations.
  • All members of the GCU community must continue to observe all CDC and New Jersey state guidelines that remain in place (masking, frequent hand-washing, social distancing, etc.).
  • Facilities will continue to provide useful items to combat COVID-19, including PPE, campus signage, and hand sanitizer.
  • Testing protocols are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future.
  • Usage of the CampusClear app and COVID-19 visitor clearance forms will be required.

Moving Forward

Campus leaders in student life, health services, residence life, and athletics have worked tirelessly to support students throughout the last several months. We continue to monitor the situation, and requirements may change in coming months. The Office of Health Services will provide details about the vaccination requirement in the coming weeks. If you have questions, please contact urnygufreivprf@trbetvna.rqh.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to do your part to help put the pandemic behind us. Get vaccinated. Continue to wash your hands, observe social distancing, and wear your mask. Georgian Court thrives on the personal experiences our students have with faculty, staff, administrators, and with each other. Every single one of us is eager to see our community return to campus safely, and I look forward to seeing you in person soon.


Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

As we approach the close out the 2020-21 year and look to the promise of the next academic season, I am encouraged by the increasing availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, broader eligibility for who can receive it, and the many ways each of us can do our part to end the pandemic.

If you haven’t already been vaccinated or secured an appointment yet, a great starting point is the New Jersey Vaccine Scheduling System ( The form there is comprehensive and once completed, will place you in line to receive the vaccine based on your eligibility. Officials strongly urge that you accept the first vaccine appointment you are offered. You can always modify your plans.

The site also has a new vaccine finder function (, which allows you to search for nearby appointments. That means you can find links to locations that have vaccines available, including mega sites, pharmacies, and walk-in clinics. (For example, while this e-mail was being written, appointments opened up at the Ocean County Health Department.)

For a local source of vaccines, you can also reach out to Chemed in Lakewood.  Appointments at Chemed are made by calling 732-523-7955.

Getting vaccinated enables each of us to contribute to the goal of starting the Fall 2021 semester with as many on-campus experiences and in-person classes as possible. Thank you for continuing to observe public health and safety guidelines as the country makes strides toward eliminating COVID-19. 

More information about fall plans will be shared in coming weeks. Meanwhile, be well and stay healthy!

Go Lions!


Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

For the Fall 2021 semester, Georgian Court plans to return to in-person classes at the level offered before the pandemic. Safety protocols, matching state and federal guidance, will be in place, including the continued required use of face coverings and daily self-screening. Contact tracing, quarantine, and communication protocols will remain should outbreaks of Covid-19 cases occur.

Ultimately, this important decision puts the needs of students at the forefront. Our students” academic progress, their engagement with professors and with peers, and the overall GCU experience are paramount.

Moving forward means we must consider critical assumptions, including the planned roll-out of sufficient vaccines by the end of summer, vaccinations being widely available, and the projected drop in numbers of Covid-19 cases and severity. Nationally, reports of coronavirus spread in the classroom have been minimal and nonexistent at Georgian Court.

We are not going it alone. Our vision for Fall 2021 aligns with plans being made by other private universities across New Jersey and across the country. As we prepare for the next academic year, the health and safety of our campus community remain our top priority, and we will continue to monitor data and guidance over the next several months before the start of the 2021-2022 academic year.

The university will maintain its academic and campus operations task forces as plans progress. Ideas and concerns can be addressed to the Office of the Provost.

We know this has been a most challenging academic year, but as a community of faculty, staff, students, and supporters, we working through it, together. We appreciate all that you are doing to make the most of the GCU experience, and your willingness to be flexible and adaptable as we prepare for Fall 2021.

Dr. Joseph R. Marbach

Dear GCU Community Members,

I am writing to share an important update as we address 12 positive COVID-19 cases among our students. You should know:

  • The cases, reported on our university dashboard, are mainly linked to an off-campus gathering.
  • Students identified as positive were immediately transitioned to isolation at home or on campus using GCU Health Services protocols.
  • Contact tracing was used to identify anyone who may have been exposed. Those individuals are in self-quarantine, per CDC/Ocean County Health Department (OCHD) recommendations.
  • Georgian Court is cooperating with the OCHD, as required.
  • All athletic practices are on hold for two weeks. This is being done out of an abundance of caution for everyone’s health—not as a punitive measure.

Testing & Guidance

Our comprehensive reopening plan offers guidance for any student or employee affected by COVID-19. GCU’s Office of Health Services is available to residents and commuter students (732-987-2756), and our nursing staff is assisting with COVID-19 tests. Commuters should call their primary medical provider and the Health Center. Employees, meanwhile, should contact their medical provider or an urgent care facility. Testing is widely available at community health centers (including nearby Chemed and Ocean Health Initiatives) and at select CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid locations. Health insurers are covering COVID-19 tests with no out-of-pocket costs at this time. Check with your health plan and the testing site to confirm this prior to your visit.

Remaining Vigilant

In general, our campus has fared well, but we cannot relent in our efforts to contain COVID-19. Strict measures for face coverings, campus cleaning protocols, daily health screenings, and social distancing remain in place. I strongly urge you to keep this in mind as Halloween parties and social gatherings approach.

The safety of students, employees, and visitors is always paramount, and I appreciate all that you are doing to make the well-being of Georgian Court a priority. Your commitment to healthy behaviors is important—not only for your personal wellness, but for the safety of our campus family.

Thank you,

Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear Students,

Some class sections have been approved to begin in-person class sessions beginning the week of September 14. If your class section is listed below, make sure to confirm with your professor when and where you may attend. Others may be added over time.


When coming on campus, please remember:

  • Complete Campus Clear screening each day:
  • Wear a face covering.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Use wipes available in the classrooms to wipe your space down before and after class.
  • Use hand sanitizer available in the classroom when you enter.

We look forward to bringing more activity onto campus but do so cautiously as risks of coronavirus continue. We must all continue to remember that we have an obligation to protect each other and keep our campus safe.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Janice Warner, Ph.D.

Dear Students,

Welcome to Fall 2020 at Georgian Court!

First and foremost, the ability to operate campus and run in-person classes safely is our priority. Classes begin on Monday, August 24th and most will begin online—most of the exceptions are in nursing. Remember to monitor your e-mail and check your course shells in Blackboard for instructions and updates from your instructors.

  • If your class was previously scheduled to be online or virtual (synchronous online), it will continue to be operated in this manner.
  • If your class was previously scheduled to be face-to-face, your class will be held as a virtual online course; the lecture, content, and interactions will be delivered live online. Please see the section on online classes below for more information.

When the time is right, in a few weeks, we will evaluate the opportunity to transition some classes into the classrooms. If at any time, students feel ill or that they should isolate or quarantine, they should not physically attend class and should contact Health Services and their instructor.


  • Traditional online classes are delivered asynchronously and will continue to be delivered in this manner. Class information, lecture, content, and interaction will be delivered through Blackboard.
    • This means that there is no day or time specified for the class (listed on schedule with day and time 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.); both the site and room are listed as online.
    • You will not meet with your class as a group synchronously. You may be assigned to work in groups by your instructor and will need to manage assignments and due dates on your own.
  • Some online classes are virtual or synchronous online classes—this means that the lecture, content, and interactions will be delivered live online.
    • A specified time and day is provided; the site is listed as virtual, the room is listed as online.
    • Students and faculty will meet online at the same day and time; and class activities will take place during the listed time via Blackboard.

For face-to-face classes, GCU is using the HyFlex model, which means even courses designated as “HY,” “H,” or hybrid in self-service can be completed online and does not require the students to be on campus or attend a face-to-face (F2F) meeting.  Course content will be in Blackboard and virtual meetings may be arranged. Instructors will include the best method for you to communicate that you will not be physically attending class.

Any individual meetings with faculty for office hours or advising will still be conducted remotely.


  • All students and faculty are required to wear face coverings indoors and during class time.
  • All classroom capacities have been limited to the social distancing room capacity, which allows for each student to maintain a distance of at least six feet from other students and the instructor.
  • Some F2F classes will only meet once per week—your class may be broken into groups, and groups will rotate attendance based on a schedule determined by the instructor. Your instructors will communicate through Blackboard with the specifics of the rotation. It is likely that students that do not physically attend may have expectations to attend and/or participate remotely.
  • Some F2F classes meet twice per week and will adopt a hybrid modality—hybrid means that there is still a F2F component, but only for a portion of the weekly contact hours. The remaining contact hour(s) will be delivered remotely, either synchronously or asynchronously. Again, your class may be broken into groups, and groups will rotate attendance based on a schedule determined by the instructor. It is likely that students who do not physically attend may have expectations to attend and/or participate remotely.
  • Keep in mind, in all cases, students who do not physically attend F2F sessions will be able to access the class content remotely.
  • The site is listed as the physical location where the F2F session will meet and will not be listed as online or as virtual.

All of academic and student affairs is ready to welcome you and help you. Please note that most offices are operating virtually so it is always best to e-mail or call before coming to an office.  Some offices will also be having outdoor office hours. We welcome you to campus to work and study.  We’ve enhanced wifi to work outside and are setting up outside areas with open air tents where you can also go. Some indoor space is available in the Casino, and we will look to add more space over time. If you need basic software, such as Microsoft Office applications, contact the Helpdesk for support.

Communication will be critical this semester.  Make sure you are checking e-mail and your Blackboard course sites every day. If you aren’t getting answers or run into problems, be persistent and reach out. We want you to have an excellent experience despite all the necessary physical distancing.

Go Lions!

Janice Warner, Ph.D.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

In keeping with our commitment to the health and safety of our campus community, GCU will begin the fall semester on August 24 with nearly all classes being taught online. That is, most courses will start with the virtual component of our hybrid/HyFlex approach to learning, the blend of in-person and remote learning referenced in GCU’s fall reopening plan.

In late July, we shared with you the GCU reopening plan, which we will continue to update as needed, especially as we get new guidance from the state. Because we are a Mercy family focused on making the most of our mission and our commitment to students, I am confident in our approach to moving forward.

We will discuss this during our Reopening GCU Town Hall Update, Monday, August 17 at 2:00 p.m.

For now, this is where we stand:

On-Campus Living

GCU residence halls will remain open, with fewer students. Those who have already moved in or are planning to be on campus in the coming days are welcome. Food service and facilities services remain intact, with social distancing and state health guidelines in place. Students, watch your e-mail for more information about updates to our move-in procedures and billing.


  • Faculty members will launch nearly all classes online, using Blackboard. For courses that have days/times associated with the class, the class will convene as a whole online via Blackboard Collaborate for some or all of the scheduled time.
  • Students should check Blackboard and their GCU e-mail for the most up-to-date information. When New Jersey enters Stage 3, a one-week notice will be provided before in-person class sessions begin. Students will have the option to continue completely online.
  • We still have some in-person classes, clinicals, and labs that will be conducted for certain programs, as approved by the state. Many nursing classes, in particular, will still have an in-person component.

Student Life

New Student Orientation (virtual), Convocation (in-person Aug. 27), and our Nursing Pinning Ceremony (in-person Aug. 27) remain on track. These events will reflect state guidelines and limits for outdoor gatherings, as well as social distancing protocols. In addition, Convocation will be streamed; watch your e-mail for more information. Also, the Office of Student Affairs is still planning a range of virtual activities that include speakers, workshops, and fun gatherings. 

Athletics and Student Services

Student-athletes will not compete this fall, as shared earlier, and our coaches remain in constant touch regarding skills training, conditioning, and other activities. Our approach to important services such as advising, financial aid, student success services, tutoring, etc., is outlined in the GCU reopening plan. Many offices will staffed virtually or by appointment; students should e-mail or call before coming to an office.

University Offices, Safety, and Screening

  • GCU offices are open and available to meet student, staff, and faculty needs. Individual units are creating on-campus and remote staffing plans. Please be sure to file any telecommuting or accommodations requests as outlined by the Office of Human Resources. 
  • Our Back to Campus Guide for Employees will be shared soon, and our required COVID-19 training video is live. Please watch your e-mail for continued guidance.
  • In addition, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the potential risk of exposure to our community, anyone coming to campus must complete the university’s current screening form, available online:



  • Look for a mobile screening app in coming weeks. It will be suitable for iOS and Android phones. More information will come in a campus announcement.

As we all navigate these unprecedented times together, we are appreciative of your flexibility and understanding.  Since we remain in a fluid situation, I encourage you to stay up-to-date on our reopening status at There, you’ll find updates, news, and all the resources you need.

The pandemic continues to test us in many ways and there will be even more decision to make in coming weeks. Still, your ongoing cooperation, your willingness to be creative, and your resolve to lean on our core values are what allow us to get through this. Thank you.


Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear GCU Community,

The United States Department of Education announced that emergency cash grants for college students whose lives and education have been disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak are being made available through colleges and universities.

About the CARES Act

Funding is provided through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) authorized by the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) signed into law on March 27, 2020. The intent of Congress was for colleges to provide assistance to students to help cover expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to COVID-19.

Accessing Funds

Please complete the online application and submit online.  Applications will be reviewed in the order of submission. You will be notified by e-mail of your funding status request. If you have not filed a 2019-2020 FAFSA, we ask that you do so by going to

The application to apply for CARES Act funds is available here:

At the present time, international students, DACA students, and students enrolled in an exclusively online degree program are not eligible for funds from the CARES Act. If you fall into this category and are in need of assistance, please complete the form on the GCU Cares webpage.

We will be reviewing applications and determining eligibility and amounts on an ongoing basis. Checks will be mailed to the address on file with the Office of Student Accounts. Questions should be e-mailed to rfn@trbetvna.rqh.

If you should know of any GCU students who may not have access to the internet and need assistance, please reach out to them and share this information.

Best wishes and good health to you and your loved ones.

Dear All Students, Full-time Faculty Members, Part-time Faculty Members, and Staff:

Due to the disruptions, stresses, and upheaval that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, Georgian Court University is implementing a ONE-TIME pass/fail option for undergraduate and graduate courses. This option applies only to Spring 2020 main (15-week) semester and second 7.5-week session courses. The undergraduate course pass/fail option policy and form and the graduate course pass/fail option policy and form are available through these links.

Students should read the entire policy carefully before deciding whether or not to select the pass/fail option for a course and should note that there are many reasons why selecting a pass/fail option may not be a good choice. In addition, some courses may not be taken pass/fail.  Students  are advised to speak to their advisors and professors before selecting the pass/fail option. Also please note that there are deadlines for submitting the form, with the earliest deadline being April 29 for some courses. Late submissions cannot be accepted. The forms should be submitted to cnffsnvy@trbetvna.rqh.

The GCU faculty and staff wish all our students a successful completion to the spring 2020 semester, and remind students to register for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 courses as soon as possible.

Stay well!

Janice Warner, Ph.D.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

I hope this message finds you and your families continuing to be healthy and safe as we continue to work together to flatten the curve. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our virtual Town Hall this afternoon. I hope you found our presentation interesting and that your questions were answered. Thank you also to those who submitted questions.

For those of you who were unable to join us, I’d like to share a few updates from the Town Hall.

Commencement 2020 Plans—Virtual and Postponed Live Ceremonies
We will not be able to have a live commencement on May 20, and at this point, it is not clear when large gatherings will be allowed. We will hold a virtual celebration on May 20 for all who had been approved to participate in the May ceremony. Students who would have participated are encouraged to participate by submitting photographs to share.

A virtual celebration alone just doesn’t feel right, so that will be followed up by a live Commencement ceremony on campus in the fall, most likely on an October weekend.

Watch for details on both events on the GCU website and in your GCU e-mail. We don’t want anyone to miss out!

Pass/Fail Option Available for Most Courses This Semester
The university is offering students the option to choose pass/fail instead of a lettered grade for most courses. We urge students to consult their advisor before making this choice; once the pass/fail choice has been made, it cannot be undone. Also, there are some courses for which this option is not available due to licensure requirements, so an advisor will be able to provide guidance in these situations.

The undergraduate course withdrawal date has also been extended to April 23. Full details will be available later this week via your GCU e-mail and the GCU coronavirus page at

Room/Board Credits
For room and board charges, the university will be providing a credit on each resident student’s bill up to a maximum of 6 weeks. Each student’s credit amount is based on move-out information received from the Office of Residence Life. This credit amount will first be applied to any unpaid balances on a student’s bill. An adjustment on the institutional financial aid amount may be necessary to account for the room and board credit. Other potential credit amounts to your bill may be for any unused dining dollars on your ID card as of April 30 and/or a credit of $40 for those who have paid parking permits for the spring semester.

We discussed many other topics during today’s virtual Town Hall, so I urge you to watch it at

Best wishes for a happy and safe Easter to all of you.


Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

I hope this message finds you healthy and safe. Given Gov. Phil Murphy’s most recent executive order, I wanted to remind everyone that only essential staff should be on campus this week. 

Essential staff members are a small, predetermined group of employees critical to campus operations. Managers are reaching out to those who fall into this category.

As we head into another week of remote work and virtual instruction, I wanted to share a few updates:

Where We Stand Now
The COVID-19 response continues to evolve, and so does GCU. The Department of Biology, for example, is donating thousands of much-needed nitrile gloves to health care workers. GCU Cares provides a way for students and other GCU community members to request help with certain types of challenges, and the Office of Institutional Advancement has been receiving donations for GCU’s Angel Fund.

The Office of Residence Life is working with students who are still on campus—and those who went home earlier—to clear out their rooms in a controlled fashion. Afterward, we expect 30 to 40 students to remain on campus because of extenuating circumstances. Dining services, IT, student affairs, and facilities are united in making sure their needs are met.

While Executive Order 107 asks everyone to stay home as we fight the spread of the virus, students and families are allowed to complete move out, based on scheduled appointments. Additional details are available through the Office of Residence Life. 

Business operations are being handled at the department level. Thank you to everyone who is helping us do the work of the university, online and on campus. 

Academic Decisions
Academically, professors are working with students as we transition to virtual learning for all classes. Some of you have asked whether we will move to pass/fail grades for the semester—a consideration that will be decided by April 7. In the meantime, the deadline for undergraduate, main session course withdrawal is extended to April 23. 

Commencement remains a top concern, and as soon as a decision is made, we will share it with you. We are weighing several options.

Going Forward
The Georgian Court University community is one that is strong, both in good times and in the difficult times.

Communication is as important as ever, and we are planning a virtual town hall of sorts in a few days. I will share details later.  

I encourage you to remember that social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Remember to reach out to family, friends, classmates, and colleagues during this time. And in addition to watching your e-mail, you can always get campus updates at and on GCU social media channels. 

Please stay in touch, stay healthy, and stay strong.


Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear GCU Students, Faculty, and Staff:
As we continue to adjust to the new normal of social distancing and remote work, our plans to keep the GCU community as safe as possible continue to evolve. I want to share two developments as we close out this first week of virtual operations.
Physical Library Closure
To provide for staff and user safety, the Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library will remain closed until GCU returns to normal operating status. However, reference librarians are available for research help Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. E-mail ersrerapr@trbetvna.rqh for help with your research.
In addition, the library’s online databases are always available, as are a wide selection of e-books and subject research guides. If you need an article from another library, borrowing services are still available.

Additional offices and services housed in the library are operating virtually. You can count on the Office of Career Services, the Academic Development and Support Center (ADSC), and the Writing Center to provide resources and assistance. Please visit the FAQ section of for details on hours, services, and contact information. 
Court Cafe Closure
Due to the reduced number of students and staff on campus, the Court Café will remain closed until GCU returns to normal operating status. The Raymond Hall Dining Hall will continue to serve meals. Again, see the FAQ to see operating hours and safety practices of Dining Services.

Thank you for your patience as we fully develop our plans based on federal and state guidance.
Joseph R. Marbach

March 19, 2020

Dear GCU Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support in these unprecedented times. After much reflection and discussion, we have determined that virtual instruction will continue for the rest of the semesterFace-to-face classes on campus will not resume until further notice. To facilitate planning by students and faculty, this policy applies to undergraduate and graduate courses held at all locations, not just those based at the Lakewood campus.

It was not an easy decision, but the health and safety of our campus community, as well as you and your loved ones, are our top priority. 

What we know about coronavirus changes as medical experts and scientists share guidelines. For example, the CDC now advises against gatherings of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks, and the executive order from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy calls for highly aggressive social distancing. The NCAA is putting a hold on all spring sports, and the World Health Organization updates its recommendations almost daily.

GCU faculty and staff members are the best. They are committed to delivering top-quality academic instruction. Our student support offices are just as dedicated to providing resources, technical and academic help, and even personal assistance through GCU Cares.

Some GCU offices are still open on a modified schedule, but we ask that you call or e-mail first to confirm availability. We also may be able to help you remotely. Faculty/staff are welcome to use their offices to work, but all meetings should be virtual. 

Please continue to pay attention to various e-mails and check GCU social media channels. University-wide updates and contact information will always be available at

In this time of uncertainty, we know this to be true: the GCU community comes together—virtually and in real life. You are making new kinds of connections, even as we practice social distancing. 

We are definitely #inthistogether. 


Joseph R. Marbach

The New Jersey Department of Health has been notified that a Georgian Court University employee is under self-isolation after exposure to COVID-19 in an off-campus environment. The employee is in self-isolation and is in touch with GCU.

The university is following local, state, and federal protocols to ensure they have support and access to care. Individuals who may have come into contact with the employee are being notified in an additional email.

The virus continues to affect us all in myriad ways, and I am grateful for your ongoing cooperation. I appreciate the efforts across campus to put students first while making everyone’s health and wellness a priority.

I am especially encouraged by various departments stepping up to assist with important work in admissions, information technology, athletics, academic support services, and other offices.

Our shift to virtual instruction and remote work means we were already compliant with Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order, announced yesterday. We continue to monitor developments, and any significant changes will be shared with you.

For now, I ask that you continue to check for updates and information.


Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear Students,

Our goal is to maintain academic continuity. As of Monday, March 16, 2020, most Lakewood classes will go online until further notice. Some classes, where virtual learning is not possible, may meet. Expect communications from your professors. Classes held at other locations will follow the practice of the host location. Please refer to your e-mail and/or Blackboard for the most up-to-date information on each of your classes.

Should you need assistance, the Student Technology Resources organization has been created in Blackboard, and all students are enrolled. If you need additional help, you can always submit a Help Desk ticket to urycqrfx@trbetvna.rqh.

Clinicals, student teaching, service learning, internships, and other experiential learning will continue as prescribed by the host location.

Advising will be done remotely; please contact your academic advisor if you have not already done so.

Administrative offices are expected to be open beginning on Monday, March 16, to assist and answer any questions. Please call ahead before making a trip to campus. You are also permitted to use computer labs in Jeffries Hall should you need access to technology.

Janice Warner, Ph.D

Dear Faculty,

Our goal is to maintain academic continuity. As of Monday, March 16, 2020, all Lakewood classes will go online until further notice. If virtual learning is not a possibility, make sure you discuss your options with your department chair or dean, as there are opportunities to arrange small, on-campus gatherings with students while incorporating social distancing practices.

The Instructor Resources organization has been created on Blackboard, and all faculty are enrolled. The organization has several instructional technology resources to help you. The site also has an asynchronous Discussion area where everyone can participate, and a synchronous Collaborate area for live help that can be arranged by submitting a Help Desk ticket to urycqrfx@trbetvna.rqh. The Office of Instructional Technology will be scheduling group remote training sessions that will be sent out via e-mail and also posted in the organization. The site will be continuously updated with information, so visit the site often.

Clinicals, student teaching, service learning, internships, and other experiential learning will continue as prescribed by the host location.

Advising should be done remotely, using the phone, Blackboard Collaborate, or related technology.

The buildings will remain open, and faculty and staff are able to work in their offices. Please follow CDC and other public health guidelines for COVID-19 when making the decision to come to campus. Plans are being made to keep most offices open beginning March 16—stay tuned for updates. To maintain continuity, committee meetings are encouraged to be held remotely. Committee chairs should communicate with committee members about how meetings will be held.

The academic administration will be available and on campus to assist and answer any questions.

Thank you for your work to help students. I will copy you on the e-mail that is being sent to students.

Janice Warner, Ph.D

Dear GCU Community Members:

The health and safety of our students and campus community are our top priorities as our shared understanding of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) evolves.

Out of an abundance of caution, Georgian Court University’s Lakewood campus will close today, Wednesday, March 11, at 12:30 p.m. All Lakewood classes, events, and activities—except for today’s lacrosse game—are canceled, and the campus is closed through Sunday, March 15.

There are no reported cases of coronavirus among our students, faculty, or staff, and the current level of public health risk remains low.

However, a university staffer recently reported that a family member had casual contact with an individual in New York City who has tested positive for the virus.

Our colleagues are keeping the entire community’s health in mind and have chosen to self-isolate—again, out of an abundance of caution, only. We have contacted the Ocean County Health Department for further guidance and will update the GCU community with further information as needed.

We have established a website to update students, parents, faculty, and staff at On this page, you’ll find travel guidelines, university updates, frequently asked questions, and links to important resources. This information will be regularly updated.

Next Week
All faculty are prepared to teach virtually if necessary. More details about our online learning environment will be shared with regard to instruction; all students should check Blackboard to be in touch with their professors.

Resident students who live on the Lakewood campus are encouraged to go home. As we realize that this is not an option for all students, residence and dining services will remain open. Contact the Office of Residence Life at erfyvsr@trbetvna.rqh for further information.

In addition, the computer labs and classrooms in Jeffries Hall remains open for students who need technology access or space to work.

Ongoing Measures
GCU is reviewing guidance from local, state, and federal public health officials and actively participating in conversations with state officials and higher education leaders. We are taking ongoing steps to ensure continuity of critical services.

Please know that the facilities staff had already intensified cleaning of touch points across campus.

For faculty and staff: Policies have been drafted for working remotely and will be shared at a later date.

Stay Up to Date
I ask that you visit the web for any updates and while there, complete applicable surveys if you have recently traveled internationally or plan to travel domestically on a GCU-sponsored trip.

Your ongoing compliance with health guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the New Jersey Department of Health is appreciated.

Thank you for your flexibility as we adapt to an ever-changing set of circumstances. We are working hard to ensure the health and safety of our community while endeavoring to fulfill GCU’s academic mission.

Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

I want to assure the community that we are constantly monitoring the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus epidemic, as the safety and health of our students and employees is always of paramount concern. Appropriate actions will be taken as events warrant. We are in ongoing communication with students, faculty, and staff who are currently abroad—none of whom are in a Level 3 advisory country.

GCU also is participating in numerous conversations with state officials, public health experts, and higher education leaders. At this time, I’d like to share with you the latest information from the New Jersey Department of Health.

About Coronavirus
Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals.

COVID-19 (“coronavirus disease 2019”) is the disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in humans in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

At this time, most people in the United States will have little immediate risk of exposure to this virus. This virus is NOT currently spreading widely in the United States.

Protect Yourself
Steps you can take to prevent spread of flu and the common cold will also help prevent coronavirus:

  • Wash hands often with soap and water. If not available, use hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home while you are sick and avoid contact with others.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing.

If you recently traveled to one of highly impacted areas noted by the Centers for Disease Control (China, Italy, Iran, South Korea), please update the Office of the Provost before returning to campus. Please self-isolate for 14 days; your confidentiality will be maintained. You can read more here:

Currently there are no vaccines available to prevent novel coronavirus infections.

In case the coronavirus becomes more widespread and government health agencies begin to recommend people stay home to avoid spreading the virus, staff and faculty should have provisions in place to ensure the mission-critical aspects of their work can be done, and students will complete coursework online. If necessary, GCU will address such situations when the time comes.

For more info, visit or call 1-800-222-1222.

Thank you,

Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

Dear Faculty, Staff and GCU Community Members—

As our nation continues to address the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, I wanted to ensure that you have as much information as possible. The university has also shared information with students and we will keep the entire GCU family updated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) are working hard to learn as much as possible about this new virus so that they can better understand how it spreads and its associated illness.

The CDC considers this new virus, which causes respiratory illness, a public health concern based on current information. However, the immediate health risk to the general U.S. public is considered low at this time. The CDC and the World Health Organization are closely monitoring the situation and providing ongoing guidance.

In addition, New Jersey health officials recently launched a hotline (1-800-222-1222) for the public to ask questions. As of February 10, the CDC reported 13 people in the United States were positive for the virus.

GCU Board of Trustees co-chair and New Jersey Health Commissioner Judith M. Persichilli has advised that if individuals have not traveled and are feeling ill, the symptoms may be related to flu or other respiratory viruses.

We are at the height of respiratory virus season, she said, so we all should practice good health habits such as washing our hands often and staying home when sick.

This is an evolving situation, and the most up-to-date information can always be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site at

A useful Q&A is attached and this update is also posted to Thank you in advance for doing your part to be aware of this public health issue and for doing your part to stay healthy.

Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

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