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Georgian Court welcomes students to the Spring 2021 semester. Please regularly check GCU e-mails and for the most up-to-date information. Download the CampusClear app, which must be completed every day that you are on campus.

Instruction & HyFlex—Our Student-Focused Approach

GCU aims to provide students with an excellent academic experience in a safe environment. Our plan is to only use spaces that can accommodate at least 10 socially distanced individuals. It is flexible, and we will pivot between online and in-person classes, based on state guidelines and local conditions.

This means certain large spaces are being re-assigned for classroom use (examples include the Casino Ballroom and the Mansion Great Hall).

To ensure that social distancing can be maintained, student desks will be spaced six feet apart. An area will be established for faculty use, including a podium, whiteboards, and displays. Multidirectional microphones and webcams may be present so that the faculty may record the classroom session. Also, look for more porters on campus to continually clean and maintain high-traffic areas.

New Jersey’s phased approach to reopening institutions is based on Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 activities. In Stage 2, all instruction—with the exception of select courses in the university’s nursing program—will remain remote.

So What Is HyFlex?

In Stage 3, GCU will use a HyFlex (hybrid flexible) model of instruction. That means:

In-person classes (hybrid or currently listed as lecture) will be modified to a hybrid flexible (HyFlex) format. The shift to HyFlex means:

  • Course content and assignments are available fully online.
  • In-person sessions for groups of students will help them engage with the faculty.
  • We protect the campus community.
  • In-person sessions address issues for students who learn best in the classroom. It offers direct access and engagement between instructor and student, better ability for faculty to show or demonstrate material or to address questions, and more.
  • In-person sessions avoid technology or home space difficulties.
  • Students may opt to learn online even when there is an in-person component.
  • Faculty will communicate when students should attend class in person, as the class may be divided into groups.
  • Streamed or recorded access to in-person sessions may be available.

Students are not required to attend an in-person class if they are sick, in self-isolation, or otherwise unable to travel to campus.

Again, our approach to learning for Fall 2020 is very flexible, as students will learn through a mix of in-person, online, and virtual classes. Detailed information about experiential learning (via career services); specialty studio classes; dance; computer labs; science labs; nursing; and school psychology can be found in GCU’s comprehensive reopening plan.

Similarly, the Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library (SMJC) has a detailed plan for operations, safety and security, programming, and user support. Most services are provided via phone, chat, e-mail and other virtual means until New Jersey reaches Stage 3, when a reduced number of occupants will be allowed into the building.

Ultimately, GCU faculty are prepared to meet the needs of students using all three methods. They will also host virtual office hours and be available to discuss any academic concerns.

Safety, Screening & Testing

Instruction & HyFlex

Athletics & Student Services

Living & Dining on Campus

GCU Reopening Plan

COVID-19 Updates


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