Oct 16 – Oct 23 :
Fragrance and Color:
* Peak Fall Leaf Color Expected from about Oct 20 – Nov 6
* Assorted annual and perennial flowers — Front of Library, Sister Maria Cordis Chapel Garden at McAuley Center, Wellness Center Gardens
* Roses — Sister Maria Cordis Rose Garden at 7th Street Gate; east side of Mercedes; west and north side of McAuley Center
* White flowers of October daisies — Sunken Garden
* Blue flowers of Caryopteris — W side of McAuley Center, Wellness Center deer resistant garden
* Red and orange leaves of sugar maple — S of Farley Center, Between Maria and St Joseph Halls
* Red leaves and fruit of dogwoods — throughout historic campus except Jpn Grdn, Sunken Grdn and Ital Grdn.
* Sapphire blue fruit of Sapphireberry — south (right) side of road to mansion
* Red, yellow, black, white fruit of hollies — Holly Collection (between Raymond Hall and Ital Grdn); Formal Garden circle
* Blue, Green, Yellow foliage of our many conifers — throughout campus