July 24 – July 31 :
Fragrance and Color:
* Assorted annual and perennial flowers — Front of Library, Sister Maria Cordis Chapel Garden at McAuley Center, Mercedes east wall, Wellness Center Gardens
* Roses — Sister Maria Cordis Rose Garden at 7th Street Gate; east side of Mercedes; west and north side of McAuley Center
* Flowers of Crape Myrtle — Jeffries Hall, Blessed Virgin Mary statue at Sunken Garden, Front of Farley Center, Front of Casino, South of St Catherine Hall
* White flowers of bottlebrush buckeye — between Farley and Mercedes, south of Japanese Grdn
* White flowers of sourwood — Between Marron Chapel and Japanese Garden and between Raymond Hall and Italian Garden
* White fragrant flowers of Clethra  — Northeast of Apollo Fountain, Wellness Garden, N Lake Dr Fence south of Mercy Hall
* Hydrangeas — east wall of Mercedes and east of McAuley Center
* Purple flowers of chaste tree — Front of Jeffries Hall, SE of Casino, Formal Garden Circle, front of Wellness Center, front of Audrey Birish George Sci Center, N side of McAuley Ctr
* Russian Sage — Formal Garden; Wellness Deer Resistant Garden (north), north side of McAuley Ctr
* Dianthus — Formal Garden flower beds
* Geraniums — Urns in Italian Garden and around Formal Garden and entrance to Sunken Garden
* Blue, Green, Yellow foliage of our many conifers — throughout campus