Jun 19 – Jun 26 :

Fragrance and Color (Japanese Garden at peak color now through end of May):
* White flowers of Catalpa — Betw St Joseph and Maria Halls
* White flowers of Stewartia — Front of Mercedes, Music Center, and Kingscote
* White flowers of southern magnolia — W of Casino
* Dianthus — formal garden beds, urns in front of McAuley Heritage Ctr
* White flowers of swamp magnolia — south of Mercy Center; front of Mansion kitchen area
* Lavender — front of Mercedes, East of Farley Center,
* Dianthus, other annuals and perennials — Sister Maria’s McAuley Chapel Garden, Wellness Garden
* Roses, lavender and clematis — Sister Maria’s Rose Garden at 7th Street Gate
* Geraniums — Urns in Italian and Formal Gardens
* Blue, Green, Yellow foliage of our many conifers — throughout campus