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Welcome to Georgian Court University’s Office of Military and Veterans Services

Georgian Court University is committed to supporting Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their families with a range of benefits and resources tailored to meet their unique needs. Our Office of Military and Veterans Services provides assistance and guidance to military-affiliated students throughout their academic journey.

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Affordable and Flexible Education

We offer financial aid options, including scholarships and grants specifically for military and veteran students, making education affordable. We also provide flexible learning options to accommodate military service and deployments that may disrupt academic plans.

Thank you for considering Georgian Court University for your educational journey. We are proud to support our military and veteran students and look forward to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals.

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A Yellow

Ribbon School

Georgian Court University is dedicated to helping military and veteran students attend and afford college. As a Yellow Ribbon School, we offer eligible veteran students a significant reduction in tuition costs. Interested students can apply for this program through our Office of Financial Aid or contact our Office of Military & Veteran Services and Outreach for more information. To determine eligibility, please visit the VA website for Yellow Ribbon Program | Veterans Affairs.

Student Veteran


Georgian Court University supports student veterans with a variety of resources, including membership in our GCU chapter of Student Veterans of America and the SALUTE National Honor Society. The GCU chapter provides opportunities for leadership positions, webinars, conferences, and national leadership and advocacy events. SALUTE membership is based on GPA, active duty, and discharge status, and members are encouraged to participate in at least one activity per semester. Additionally, our Veteran’s Lounge in Jeffries Hall provides a quiet workspace to study and work on academic projects, as well as a small Veterans Library. The lounge is adjacent to the office of the Director of Military & Veterans Services and Support, making it easy for students to access information and navigate their classes and services on campus.

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A Community

of Learners

At Georgian Court University, we prioritize smaller class sizes and closer connections with faculty and fellow students. This allows for more engagement in the classroom, more opportunities for assistance, and closer relationships with fellow Lions. All courses are taught by subject matter experts, rather than assistants or graduate students, and our faculty are often actively working on research and are open to partnering with students on projects. Students are encouraged to approach their professors to become faculty mentors and guide them through research projects. We are dedicated to helping military and veteran students achieve their academic goals, even when dealing with schedule conflicts, outside obligations, and deployments. Georgian Court also offers a variety of degrees and certificate programs in line with base needs assessments, and an expanding curriculum of online offerings.

Support Services

Outside the Classroom

At Georgian Court University, we offer support services to military and veteran students beyond the classroom. Our TRIO organization is dedicated to academic success, while our career services staff helps students achieve their professional goals. We also have licensed mental health counselors and an on-campus health services department. Military and veteran students can find additional support services by contacting the office of Military & Veteran Services and Support located in the Veteran’s Lounge in Jeffries Hall.

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Greetings and Thank You for Your Service!

My name is Joshua Burns and I'm the Director of Military & Veteran Services and Outreach at Georgian Court University, as well as a faculty member and veteran of the US Air Force.

Our office serves as a single point of contact for most services on campus, providing advising, information, and support for military and veteran students. We also offer deployment support to help students continue their education during drill or TDYs.

Our goal is to create a friendly and helpful experience for military and veteran students through events, socialization spaces, and connections with national organizations like Student Veterans of America.

Please feel free to reach out to me at or (732) 987-2462 with any questions or needs. I look forward to working with you during your time at Georgian Court.

Joshua Burns
Joshua Burns N.D., D.C.
Director of Military & Veteran Services and Outreach

Tips and Resources for United States Veterans, Active Duty Military Students, Dependents and Spouses Attending College:

  • Apply for VA Educational Benefits: Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program.
  • Connect with other veterans on campus: Join the student veterans club or visit the Veteran’s Lounge.
  • Take advantage of academic support services: Free individual tutoring, study groups through the Veterans Office.
  • Utilize disability services if needed: Connect with the disability services office on campus to explore available accommodations and resources.
  • Consider applying for scholarships for veterans.
  • Seek out counseling services if needed: Counseling services on campus or through the VA, Veterans Crisis Line for immediate support.
  • Connect with your academic advisor.
  • Be aware of campus safety resources.
  • Take advantage of career services: Resume writing, job search strategies, and networking.
  • Connect with a faculty mentor to explore credit-based undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Communicate with your professors about your deployment status and may need extra time for assignments.
  • Inform the Office of Military & Veterans Services and Outreach on campus of your new status.
  • Stay organized and take advantage of online resources.
  • Make sure you are fully utilizing your military education benefits.
  • Find a study buddy.
  • Take breaks and engage in self-care activities.
  • Stay connected with family and friends.
  • Keep a journal, if possible, to document your experience for potential future research opportunities.
  • Apply for VA Educational Benefits: Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program (DEA) or the Fry Scholarship.
  • Report your status to the university Veteran’s Office.
  • Connect with your academic advisor.
  • Connect with other dependents and/or spouses of veterans on campus.
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Important Links and Information for Active Duty Military and Veteran Students

If you are a military or veteran student, Georgian Court University is committed to helping you attend and afford college. Our Office of Military & Veteran Services and Outreach is dedicated to meeting your unique needs, and we are here to help you every step of the way. For any questions, please feel free to contact the Office Director, Joshua Burns, at

Information about Financial Resources

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: Education and Training: This website provides information on the GI Bill, including eligibility requirements, benefits, and how to apply.

GI Bill Comparison Tool: This tool allows you to compare different schools and programs based on factors such as tuition costs, housing allowances, and graduation rates.

Marine Corps Community Services – Education: This website provides information on education and training programs available to Marines and their families, including tuition assistance and the Marine Corps Voluntary Education Program.

Navy College Program: This website provides information on education and training opportunities available to Navy personnel, including tuition assistance and the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education.

Air Force Education and Training Command: This website provides information on education and training programs available to Air Force personnel, including the Air Force Tuition Assistance Program and the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Coast Guard Institute: This website provides information on education and training opportunities available to Coast Guard personnel and veterans, including the Coast Guard Tuition Assistance Program and the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Veterans Crisis Line

If you need immediate support, please visit the Veterans Crisis Line or call 988 and press 1 for veteran services line.

Active and retired military personnel sometimes inquire about campus safety protocols. Here are some details:

  • Georgian Court University is a gated campus located in a residential neighborhood, with a dedicated team of security officers and facilities personnel, including ex-military personnel.
  • 24/7 campus security office available for students and staff to report issues or emergencies: GCU Campus Security – 732-987-2611.
  • 911 should be called for medical emergencies; Campus Security can be contacted for other emergencies.
  • Georgian Court University has its own cellular phone tower and updated landline telephone system and emergency phone network.
  • Accessible emergency phones and blue light emergency phones located at various campus locations.
  • Campus security can provide accompaniment to dorms or cars, jumpstart cars, and assist with other security needs.
  • Computer labs with hardwired ethernet and secured Wi-Fi available for students’ personal devices.
  • Safety Officer ensures OSHA protocols in science labs and exit plans in place.
  • Fire drills conducted periodically with advance notice to students and staff.
  • Classrooms have instructions posted for fire drill exits and safety protocols.
  • Priority class sign-up for military students (active, veteran, dependent, spouse).
  • Campus designated as U.S. National Historic Landmark and arboretum with peaceful surroundings and wildlife.
  • Contact GCU Veteran’s Office for questions, information, or suggestions.

About the Office of Military & Veteran Services and Outreach

Georgian Court University’s Office of Military and Veteran Services and Outreach is dedicated to supporting active duty military and veteran students as they pursue their college education. We appreciate your service and are committed to serving you in return.

  • Financial and Academic Advising: Our office serves as a single point of contact for processing and certifying courses for the GI Bill, helping students understand the estimated cost of education, and ensuring they are on the best track towards graduation.
  • Campus Lounge: We provide a designated space for military and veteran students to meet up, relax, study, and connect with other students in Jeffries Hall Rm. 144. Our lounge is exclusively for military and veteran students.
  • Student Services Coordination: Our office coordinates with other student services on campus to meet the unique needs of military and veteran students. This includes connecting students with career services, financial support, tutoring services, and mental health services available on campus.
  • Deployment Liaison: We serve as a liaison for deploying students and on-campus faculty and staff, helping to streamline the process and ensure that active duty military, national guard, and reserve students can maintain their educational progress while deployed.
  • College Transition: We offer training and orientation specifically designed for military and veteran students to make their transition to college as easy as possible. This includes connecting them with campus and online resources that support them throughout their time at Georgian Court University.

Meet our military and veteran services staff

Joshua Burns

Dr. Joshua Burns - Director, Office of Military and Veteran Services and Outreach

As a veteran of the United States Air Force, Dr. Burns understands the unique needs of military and veteran students. He completed his undergraduate degree after serving in the military and is now an Assistant Professor of Integrative Health. Dr. Burns welcomes any questions or concerns from current and prospective military and veteran students. You can find the Office of Military and Veteran Services and Outreach in Jeffries Hall, Room 144.

Phone: (732) 987-2462

Anne Tabor Morris

Dr. Ann Tabor-Morris - Professor of Physics

Dr. Tabor-Morris is the mother of a retired New Jersey National Guard sergeant who served as a combat medic in the Middle East during Operation Enduring Freedom. She has firsthand experience with navigating the GI Bill and is available to provide information and guidance regarding technical careers. Dr. Tabor-Morris also has a special interest in military family support.

Phone: (732) 987-2323

Committee Members for Military and Veteran Student Services

In addition to our staff, we have a committee of professionals who are dedicated to serving our military and veteran students:

  • Robin Solbach, Director of the Counseling Center
  • Sachiko Komagata, Associate Professor of Integrative Health and Director of Advising
  • Michael Pawlish, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Marci Mazzarotto, Assistant Professor of Digital Communication
  • Naomi Joseph-Micliz, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Sheila McNeil, Army National Guard and Student at Georgian Court University

If you have any questions or concerns about military and veteran services at Georgian Court University, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you in any way we can.




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