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Study Abroad and see the world through new eyes.
It’s a life-changing experience.



Travel, explore, and volunteer like never before. The global education program at Georgian Court University gives you access to the world so that you can connect with it in authentic ways. We have virtual and in-person opportunities at 30+ universities across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. Enroll in a faculty-led short-term program, volunteer for a few weeks, or spend an entire semester abroad. Our programs help you get the most out of your education. You’ll be able to meet experiential or service-learning requirements while doing volunteer work, internships, or study abroad.

Getting a global education gives you the opportunity to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and their values
  • Become aware of critical concerns that affect the world
  • Participate in important dialogue on local and global issues
  • Appreciate diversity in a global context
  • Heighten your critical-thinking and communication skills
  • Become a civically engaged scholar and global citizen

To see all the adventures we’re having, read our Study Abroad Blog or join our GCU Global Lions Facebook group. If you’d like more information or want to set up an appointment to talk study abroad, contact us at 732-987-2346 or The Office of Global Education is located in Jeffries Hall, room 143.

Global Education

Explore our global education and study abroad programs

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You don’t have to travel to pursue a global education. Get an immersive experience wherever you are. Consider our global virtual internships or one-credit global experiential learning course. We also offer weeklong virtual programs that explore other countries including Japan, Hong Kong, and Greece.

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Enroll in programs developed and led by our very own GCU faculty. Combine your academic studies with hands-on exploration: tours, visits to cultural and historical landmarks, volunteer trips, and excursions into surrounding natural habitats.

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Embark on adventures provided by our vetted partner institutions. Get course credits with intensive two-, or three-week-long programs. In the past, GCU students have traveled to Tanzania; Berlin, Germany; Rome, Italy; San Jose, Costa Rica; Barcelona, Spain; and many more.

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Decide where you want to go—and then study at one of 30+ universities around the world. Find course options across a wide range of disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, business, STEM, and general education.

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Spend your summer learning something new as you visit a part of the world you’ve never been to before. Take a class you’re interested in at top-ranking universities worldwide. You can choose from programs in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, or the United Kingdom.

GCU students studying abroad


Volunteer your time and skills to those in need. Apply for programs in 20+ countries through International Volunteer HQ, or pursue GCU’s 10-day service-learning opportunities. The programs we run are faculty-led and reflect our Mercy tradition of service and ethical leadership.


Global citizenship
Make meaningful connections with people around the world and find your place in today’s global society.
Cultural exchange
Gain a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, values, and ideas different from your own.
Values-based education
Take your education beyond the classroom with transformative experiences rooted in our Mercy core values.
Personal development
Build your critical-thinking skills, become a more globally engaged scholar, and grow in new ways.
Career pathways
Cultivate your professional network and leverage your study abroad into rewarding careers.
GCU-approved programs
Choose from virtual or in-person programs that meet GCU standards for safety and educational value.
My favorite part was getting to attend class while sitting on the beach next to sea lions. There is truly no better way to learn about the biodiversity found in the Galapagos Islands. I also got to immerse myself in the culture with my host family as I spoke Spanish every day and ate traditional Ecuadorian food. I met the most amazing friends in just two weeks.
Brianna Barbarise
Elementary Education & Psychology
Studied environmental science in the Galapagos Islands through the AIFS Universidad San Francisco de Quito program


Ready to get started? E-mail us to make an appointment and explore all the opportunities available through the Georgian Court Office of Global Education Programs. We’ll discuss what you hope to achieve, the places you can travel to, and any questions or concerns you have. Once you’ve met with us and picked a program, you can work on your application.

  1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. Search for the organization “Global Education.”
  3. Click on the down arrow next to the name Global Education and “Self-Enroll.”
  4. Once you’re in Global Education, click “Application Process” on the left and follow the checklist.
  5. While you complete your application, consider applying separately to study abroad scholarships to help fund your travels.
  6. Submit your application by the appropriate deadline.
  7. Get more information by browsing our FAQs.

How to apply walkthrough video:

Program TypeApplication Deadline
Summer ProgramsFebruary 15
Fall ProgramsApril 1
Winter ProgramsOctober 1
Spring ProgramsOctober 1
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Many providers offer their own scholarships. Remember that scholarship applications have their own deadlines. If you plan to apply for study abroad scholarships, it’s best to start the process early.

GCU Grants/Awards for Study Abroad

National Study Abroad Scholarships


COVID-19 Vaccinations for study abroad

Students studying abroad with GCU must follow all COVID vaccination policies below:

*Please inquire with the Director of Global Education Programs regarding current country and host provider or host university COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Applying to Programs

Read our how to apply guide for step-by-step instructions. You’ll need to schedule an advising meeting with to begin your journey!

Deadlines depend on the type of program you’re applying to. Check our upcoming deadlines to make sure you’re submitting your materials on time.

Yes, we award Global Education awards or grants to at least 2 students each year. Many students also apply for study abroad scholarships from various programs and institutions.

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AIFS in London


Georgian Court provides academically enriching, service-oriented, and culturally immersive experiences that GCU students find absolutely unforgettable. We’re doing all we can to allow students the opportunity to pursue global education and study abroad programs—but we’d deeply appreciate your support.
Become a donor to help us advance the continued global education of GCU students. Your donation funds the Office of Global Education and provides funding support for students who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to study abroad.