Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

Get involved at Georgian Court University.

We have plenty of clubs and organizations to enhance your interests. 

From academic clubs to community service and social organizations, we invite you to explore all of the organizations at GCU.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Life at or 732-987-2606.

Clubs & Organizations

The Active Minds Club’s purpose is to utilize the student voice to “destigmatize” mental illness and judgment on college campuses. This organization is working toward hosting events to heighten awareness of mental illness.

Since its initiation in 1947, Georgian Court students have valued their membership in the student affiliate of the American Chemical Society, the largest professional society in the world. This group assists with workshops, chemistry shows, and other projects planned by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty. Affiliate members go on field trips; attend regional meetings and poster sessions; provide tutoring; and participate in campus events, charitable fund-raising events, and social events. The GCU affiliate has been honored as a “Commendable Chapter” by the parent American Chemical Society.

Bake for a Cause is a newly formed organization that holds monthly bake sales in an effort to raise money for a particular cause and bring happiness to others on campus. All proceeds are donated to a different foundation each month.

The Black Student Union ensures that African-American history, culture, and well-being are promoted throughout the GCU community through community projects and campus events like the Black History Month celebration. Membership is open to all students.

The Campus Activities Board works to ensure that students enjoy campus life outside the classroom by bringing both entertainment and curricular opportunities to campus. The board is responsible for providing programs that enhance social interaction, awareness to diversity, and service to community. CAB promotes and supports student development both individually and collectively while embodying the Mercy Core Values.

The Campus Ministry Club plans, publicizes, implements, and supports programs in collaboration with the Office of Campus Ministry. Club officers serve as an advisory board to the directors of Campus Ministry.

The Clionaes History Club is open to all students who want to have fun while deepening their understanding of the past. Field trips, museum tours, regional conferences, paper presentations, and campus events are some of the activities members plan and enjoy throughout the year.

GCU’s chapter of this organization aims to improve the educational success of individuals with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. The club participates in university events and sponsors awareness programs, service activities, professional development, and fund-raisers throughout the year.

The Criminal Justice Club provides opportunities for service, social, and practical pursuits. The organization hosts speakers, trips, and projects and aims to advance the understanding of criminal justice. Membership is open to all students.

‘Da Poetry Corner

Dance Theatre Club

De La Salle Club

Exercise Science Club (ESC)

Fashion Club

French Club

Holistic Health Club

Identity Ink

Invisible Children Club

Italian Club

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

Lions Theater Club

Mathematical Association of America

Mock Trial

Model United Nations (MUN)

Nursing Club


Public Relations Club

Prayer Club

Psychology Club

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Social Work Club

Society of Physics Students (SPS)

Student New Jersey Education Association (SNJEA)

Vegetarian Society

Women’s Esteem (WE)


The Georgian Court Dance Alliance provides an opportunity for all students to have an outlet of expression, energy, and creativity by taking part in dance classes and performances choreographed by members. The club offers a variety of classes such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin Rhythms, and Lyrical Dance.

The mission of this club is drive student awareness of learning and teaching. Annual activities include the Scholastic Book Drive and Breakfast with Santa. Members visit local classrooms to teach students about different topics.

The Fashion Club promotes new and upcoming trends and styles every month. It is a fun, stress-free club where students can discuss what’s new in fashion and partake in a variety of activities, events, and trips.

Global Lions is a club at GCU for study abroad students, international students, and any students interested in promoting global awareness across campus. The club hosts monthly Global Café events, language and cultural exchanges, as well as new student initiatives.

Habitat for Humanity is a group dedicated to participation in the mission of Habitat for Humanity International. The work of this student organization includes building decent, affordable housing as well as fundraising to support building projects and service trips. They work to educate themselves and other on issues of poverty housing and advocate for social justice.

The Holistic Health Club promotes the interest in the wellness and health of the mind, body, and soul. This organization strives to demonstrate good physical, mental, and social health through understanding the multicultural perspectives of holistic health medicine.

The Lambda Phi Chi fraternity is a group of young men whom come together as one and form a brotherhood. Lambda Phi Chi encourages one another to strive to do their best and achieve success, academically and personally. The fraternity is committed to developing character and promoting respect within the GCU community.

LGBTQ at GCU enhances social justice by creating a more equitable community in which all individuals are accepted regardless of sexual identity. The organization aims to create a greater understanding and awareness of sexual and spiritual identity. It is open to any member of the Georgian Court community regardless of how they choose to identify themselves.

LASO is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization that educates, supports, and encourages the Latin American community at GCU. LASO promotes leadership, scholarship, and involvement in community issues. Events are sponsored throughout the year, including the annual LASO Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, which is held in the fall.

The GCU student chapter of this organization promotes knowledge, enjoyment, and play with mathematics. Students join together for public service events, trips, mathematical education events, and more, including support of the Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society.

The Nursing Club supports all nursing students, raises funds for nursing-related charities, and improves students’ understanding of the nursing profession.

Omega Epsilon Rho is a service sorority that is new to the GCU campus. Their purpose is to build the leadership abilities of their members through the active enhancement of the community by providing services to those in need. They aim to develop a common bond of sisterhood between its members through service and philanthropy.

You do not have to be a pre-med or nursing major to join GCU’s Pre-Health Club. The club is open to all GCU students who have an interest in the medical field and the issues surrounding our health care system. In addition, the club is designed to help build a network of support for those students trying to navigate the medical school application process.

This club is open to all students who have an interest in psychology regardless of major, promotes scholarly excellence, and works to advance the science of psychology. Members participate in campus events and fund-raisers.

Relay for Life is a nationwide fundraising event and subcomponent of The American Cancer Society. GCU’s Relay for Life is a collaboration of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to saving lives from cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life focuses on advocacy, cancer education, and the American Cancer Society signature Relay for Life fund-raising event.

All resident students are members of the RHA, which meets regularly to discuss residence hall concerns and to coordinate activities for resident students.

Salt and Light is an organization which aims to live the GCU core value of justice. The club is a member of the CRS Ambassadors program, a nationwide community of students committed to advancing global justice, peace, and human dignity. The club is sponsored by the Office of Campus Ministry.

Members of this club discuss current trends in social work. They apply their learning to real-life situations by going out into the community to help those in need, conduct fund-raisers, and participate in other events.

The purpose of the SNJEA chapter is to follow the mission, vision, and goals of the New Jersey Education Association. We are a “diverse, democratic organization working to create an optimal environment to achieve excellence in public education in New Jersey.”

The Student Veterans Association is a nationally recognized organization that offers support services that is geared toward the unique needs of our GCU student veterans. The GCU SVA, under the guidance of Robin Solbach, director of health and counseling services, works toward assisting student veterans with information regarding various benefits, such as navigating the GI Bill. The SVA also provides opportunities to connect with other GCU student veterans to discuss common issues with post-military life and offer a support network for those students who served in the military and are now adjusting to college life.

The Task Force for Diversity and Inclusion is a new organization that aims to build a safe, diverse, and inclusive campus. This group works to bring awareness to inequalities and issues surrounding race, culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, ability, and sexual orientation.

Theatre Club showcases theater as art. Through the club, prospective actors/actresses can explore the many ways to dramatically express and communicate a character’s emotions, feelings, ideas, and formation. The club provides students with an outlet for truly uninhibited creativity. Theatre Club welcomes everyone since its main goal is to help students channel their creative energy.

Forming a New Student Group

Want to organize a new student organization? Contact a member of the SGA Executive Board or the Office of Student Life at or 732-987-2606.

Registration of Student Clubs & Organizations

Each year, student organizations must re-register with the coordinator of student activities and the SGA. Once registered as an official student organization, recognition and participation in campus events can be granted.

To register a group, complete and submit a registration form to the Office of Student Activities during the first week of classes. Submit a roster of members by the first SGA Open Forum. Georgian Court University does not recognize any club or organization that restricts its membership by race or ethnicity.

Scheduling Campus Activities

Want to get your club’s activity promoted around campus? Schedule events early and contact the SGA to get approval. Campus organizations wishing to invite visitors to lecture or entertain on campus must schedule their respective activities with the SGA office and the coordinator of student activities and must post notices in appropriate areas. If these events will be open to the public, please notify the Office of Marketing and Communications at least four weeks prior to the event. Information regarding activities is posted on campus and on the electronic student activities calendar and the online portal.

The approval of the coordinator of student activities is required to reserve a university facility—contact the Office at Student Life at or 732-987-2606. Do not submit requests online or directly to the Office of Conferences and Special Events.

Club Funding from SGA

Clubs officially registered with SGA are able to apply for event funding by completing a Request for Funds form. The form should be completed and returned to the Office of Student Life.

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