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Counseling Center

Counseling Center

Attention Students

Due to COVID-19 you MUST contact The Counseling Center at 732-987-2680 or email us at counselingcenter@georgian.edu with any questions or concerns. Appointments preferred, and emergencies will be accommodated as quickly as possible..

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Georgian Court Embarks on a Survey and Assessment to Enhance Campus Mental Health Services

Georgian Court Embarks on a Survey and Assessment to Enhance Campus Mental Health Services
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The college experience can be both exciting and challenging as you move away from home and become acquainted with new ideas as well as new people. At some point during your college years, you might experience stress, depression, anxiety, or other issues as you cope with academic and financial pressures. Conflicts with family, friends, and professors can also make your time at college overwhelming and difficult to manage. The Counseling Center is available to all GCU students to support you with any challenges you might face during your time at GCU.

Accredited by the International Accreditation of Counseling Services, the GCU Counseling Center provides free individually tailored services to address the following topics:

  • Personal development
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationships with family, friends, partners, etc.
  • Self-esteem, body image, and eating disorders
  • Self-identity as it relates to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age etc.
  • Stress management
  • Time management and procrastination
  • Academic distress
  • Lack of motivation
  • Grief and loss of loved ones
  • Alcohol and substance use

In talking with a counselor, you may experience many benefits, such as improved relationships, solutions to problems, and a reduction in distressful feelings.

The external links included on the Counseling Center’s webpages may provide useful information about topics related to counseling and mental health. Their listing here, however, does not indicate endorsement by the Counseling Center or GCU. Additionally, although information and self-help resources can be a helpful adjunct to work you are doing in counseling or in a support group, we do not necessarily recommend self-help as a sole course of treatment. If you are interested in speaking with a counselor, please refer to the other pages in this site for more information about our services.

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