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VAMOS, our new cohort program for Latinx students, is one of the many ways Georgian Court University invests in you so that you can invest in yourself and in the community. Together, that’s how we change the world.

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The Sisters of Mercy, the founders of Georgian Court, believe in the power of education to meet the needs of the community. VAMOS takes that same approach and prepares you to meet the needs of the future.


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Pursue your degree with people who get what it’s like to be you. VAMOS takes a cohort approach. That means you will learn with a group of Latinx peers and join a special community of students who take carefully planned courses designed to help you meet your goals.

Get dedicated academic support from GCU faculty and staff, and join 12 invitation-only workshops offered through Avanzando, a program created by UnidosUS. These workshops give Latinx, first-generation college students the necessary tools and support to navigate and graduate from college.

Experience the power of mentoring and networking with Latinx scholars and professionals, as well as other supporters.

Collage of GCU students

VAMOS focuses on three important points to assist Latinx students in their journey through college:


Scholarships—GCU’s VAMOS scholarship covers up to $1,000 a year of your tuition/college costs for up to 4 years.


Dedicated support through workshops and other services;


and by building a sense of community among Vamos students who take one class together each semester for two years.

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Jaime Rivera Flores

Dr. Jaime A. Rivera Flores, PhD

Academic & Student Affairs Director of Latinx Initiatives
Associate Professor