We are excited that you have chosen to become a part of our dynamic community, and look forward to working with you during our Winter New Student Orientation.

New Student Orientation will be held for all new students, first time and transfers, Tuesday, January 12th. This event is a required program that reviews all the information you need to make a seamless transition to GCU.

During the orientation at GCU, we invite you to call the campus home while you prepare yourself for the upcoming academic year and your First-Year and Transfer Experience.

Attending orientation is an important step in beginning your journey at Georgian Court. Orientation is designed to help you:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a college student
  • Build new relationships with peers
  • Become informed about the resources available at GCU

Please continue to check this website for important Orientation updates, registration information, and program schedules.

Along with the GCU Orientation staff and student leaders, welcome to Georgian Court University and we look forward to seeing you in January! You may contact us at 732-987-2606 or email Erin McCarron our mccarrone@georgian.edu if you should have any questions!

The Orientation Team

When is Orientation?

Orientation takes place on Tuesday, January 12th in the Little Theatre, which is located in Jeffries Hall.

Why should I attend Orientation?

Orientation is an important first step in beginning your transition to the GCU community. In addition to meeting with professors, deans, and other people who will assist you in your transition and throughout your time at the Court, you will meet and acquaint yourself with your peers and classmates. During orientation, you will receive the tools needed to begin and succeed in your first year at Georgian Court.

Can my family attend Orientation?

Absolutely! Please see the Information for Parents to learn more information about Parent Orientation.

What is the attire for Orientation?

Orientation activities are casual, so dress appropriately for comfort and the weather! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as there will be walking and other activities. Don’t forget a sweater or sweatshirt and an umbrella, just in case!

What if I cannot attend Orientation?

Orientation is a MANDATORY event for all new students at Georgian Court University. If you have any special circumstances that would prevent from participating, please contact the Student Activities Office at 732-987-2606 or email mccarrone@georgian.edu.

Who can I call with questions?

For questions pertaining to orientation, you can contact the coordinator of student activities, at 732-987-2606 or mccarrone@georgian.edu.

For questions about Residence Life, please call 732-987-2331.

New Student Orientation is not just for students; it’s for parents, too! Parents can speak with faculty and staff and meet with students who have experienced what GCU has to offer. It is the perfect opportunity for them to connect with the campus and to have all their questions answered.

Please check this website frequently for Orientation updates and program schedules.

8:30 am Breakfast/Check-In
9:00 am Prayer & Welcome
9:30 am Financial Aid
9:45 am Services Overview
– Counseling Center
– Health Services
– Student Support Services
– Academic Development Support Center
– Career Services
10:45 am Commuter & Residence Life
11:00 am Student Activities
11:10 am Information Technology
11:25 am Library Services
11:50 am Security
12:00 pm Lunch in the North Dining Room*
*Following lunch, students can obtain their parking tags and IDs.

New Student Orientation registration has closed.

To sign up for Orientation, click on the registration tab above. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Student Activities at mccarrone@georgian.edu or 732-987-2606. We look forward to welcoming you to GCU!