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Anna King

Dr. Anna King

Associate Professor; Director MA Program in Criminal Justice & Human Rights


School of Arts & Sciences


Department of Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Sociology & Human Rights

Office Location:

Jefferies Hall 111

Office Hours:

See current office hours and schedule your appointment here.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Criminology, University of Cambridge, England
  • M.A. Criminal Justice, University at Albany, New York
  • B.A. Psychology, Clark University, Massachusetts

Professional Experience

  • Georgian Court University, NJ (2011- present); Department Chair (2014-2019)
  • Rutgers University, NJ (2009-2011)
  • Center for Mental Health Services and Criminal Justice Research, Rutgers University, NJ (2007-2009)
  • Keele University, UK (2005-2007)

Research / Creativity Interest Area

The psychology of punitiveness, countering political violence and terrorism, public opinion on state punishment, empirical criminology and social reform, gender and crime

Additional Information

  • Undergraduate: Attitudes to Crime & Punishment, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, Crime & Mass Media, Domestic Terrorism, Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice, Gender & Crime, Guns & Crime, Introduction to Corrections, Introduction to Criminology, Introduction to Juvenile Justice, Pathway to the Bridge (First-Year Seminar), Political Crimes & Terrorism, Popular Culture & Crime, Quantitative Methods in Criminology, Reforming Criminal Justice, Research Methods in Criminal Justice, The Criminal Justice System, Theories of Crime, Varieties of Crime, Women & Crim
  • Graduate: Attitudes towards Crime & Punishment, Criminal Justice & Society, Theory & Practice in Criminology, Understanding Terrorism, Research Design & Methods in Homeland Security, Qualitative Methods: Narrative Analysis
  • GCU teaching only, see here 
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  • Caputo, G., King, A. (2011). Shoplifting, Women, Agency & Gender. Feminist Criminology, 6 (3): 159-177.
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  • King, A. (2008). Keeping a Safe Distance: Individualism and the Less Punitive Public. British Journal of Criminology. 48: 190-208.
  • King, A. (2007). [Review of the book Neither Angels nor Demons: Women, Crime and Victimization by Kathleen L. Ferraro]. Law and Politics Book Review. Vol. 17 No.6. 
  • King, A., Maruna, S. (2006). The Function of Fiction for a Punitive Public. In Mason, P. (Ed.), Captured by the Media: Prison Discourse in Popular Culture (pp. 16-30). Cullompton, Willan Publishing.
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  • Maruna, S., Matravers, A., King, A. (2004). Disowning our Shadow: a Psychoanalytic Approach to Understanding Punitive Public Attitudes, Deviant Behavior, 25(3): 277-299.
  • For all publications, see Google Scholar or ResearchGate
  • GCU Faculty Fellowship Award (2022)
  • GCU Faculty Mini-Grant (2013)
  • Howard League of Penal Reform (2011)
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Fellow (2007)
  • H.F. Guggenheim Fellow (2003)
  • Gates Cambridge Scholar (2002)


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