Whether a student, faculty member, family member, or friend, graduation is an important event that marks a momentous occasion in the lives of our graduates and the entire GCU community.
2019/05/23 10:00:00


May 2019 Graduates

Baccalaureate Mass, Commencement Ceremony, and Reception will be on Wednesday, May 22 2019.

If you haven’t already done so, click here to review all the requirements AND to complete your application for graduation!

Complete information for your May ceremonies will be sent, via your GCU e-mail address and posted at this site, on or around February 15, 2019.

Students with August and December 2018 graduation dates, who did not walk in May 2018, will also be welcomed to participate. Your GCU e-mail will remain active until July 1, 2019.

Participating in the 2019 Commencement Ceremony without having met all degree requirements:
A student who has not met all degree requirements by the May 2019 Commencement date may participate in the ceremony if:

  • The student is lacking no more than 6 credits of those required to complete the student’s degree program.


  • The student has two majors (or a major and a minor) and is lacking no more than 6 credits of those required to complete the student’s first major degree program. The student has progressed far enough in the second major or the minor that it can be reasonably expected that she or he will graduate in the August or December term after the Commencement Ceremony.

The form that students in one of these situations will need to complete to participate in Commencement 2019 will be posted on this page on or around February 15, 2019.