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Congrats Class of 2022

Undergraduate Student Awards

Academic Excellence Award

The Academic Excellence Award is presented to the senior who has attained the highest Georgian Court grade point average. This year’s recipients are:

Kingdon Gould Jr. Award

The Kingdon Gould Jr. Award is presented to the senior who, in the opinion of fellow classmates, contributed the most to the general welfare of Georgian Court University. This year’s recipient is:

Faculty Award

Virginia Graham '31 Award For Teaching Excellence

The Virginia Graham ’31 Award for Teaching Excellence is presented to a faculty member, nominated by fellow faculty members, who demonstrates outstanding leadership, teaching, and mentoring skills and a strong commitment to inspiring and helping students. This year’s recipient is:

2022 Graduate Spotlights

Rachel Pausz '22

Rachel Pausz ’22: On Course to a Fulfilling Career

Long runs are relaxing for Georgian Court University Track & Field Captain Rachel Pausz ’22, but she’s all business in competition. “There’s a strategy about long-distance races and how you tackle them,” said Rachel, a Point Pleasant, New Jersey, resident. “They build mental toughness.” Rachel’s professional strategy is to become a Certified Public Accountant, another rigorous challenge.

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Christine Clark '13, '15, '22

Christine Clark ’13, ’15, ’22:  A Life-Changing Mistake That Now Helps Students in Need

The very best mistake Christine Clark ever made led her to a career she loves. She was a high school senior completing Georgian Court University admissions paperwork. “I wanted to be an education major and also study social work.  I couldn’t find social work on the form, but I saw psychology, so I checked that box,” explains Christine. While intending to make the change later, she never did and ended up taking an Introduction to Psychology class. “From that moment, I fell in love with psychology.”

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