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Nursing Pinning

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  • Photo Tips

    Look for soft light, which eliminates harsh shadows and direct light on the face. Soft light is most flattering for portraits. Soft light can be found outside on an overcast day, in subtle shade, or through north-facing windows with no direct sun. Avoid having light behind you; that makes portraits dark.

    Keep background neutral--no busy patterns or vibrant colors. Your face is the focal point.

    Clothing and styling:
    Keep it classic. Use neutral and earth tones such as browns, greys, creams, whites, and blacks.

    Phone/camera settings:
    Use portrait mode if available on your phone. If you do not have portrait mode, focus close on subject; do not have a lot of background.

    Clean your lens:
    Your photo goes everywhere you do, and chances are you do not clean your camera lens very often, which means photos will not be as sharp. A simple wipe with a soft cloth will do. But it’s good to use lens cleaning fluid or glasses wipes every so often to lift residual natural oils from your hands, dirt, and debris.

    Ideally resolution should be medium to high. Even though this will be on the web, better resolution will enable us to maintain consistent quality throughout the presentation. If you are unsure how to adjust, you can google your phone's make and model to determine resolution.
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