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South Africa: A Call to Serve, Inspire, & Learn


Students will travel to Durban, South Africa to volunteer in schools for children with special needs, immerse in the culture, and learn about the education and context of South African institutions.

One aspect of the program will focus on the education of students with disabilities and the teaching and understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in a well-equipped and less-equipped educational facility in and around Durban, South Africa.  


  • Volunteer with primary schools for students with special needs
  • Immerse in South African culture in Durban
  • Visit Mahatma Gandhi’s home in Durban
  • Experience Zulu life in the village of PheZulu


Course connections:

  • ED3302
  • EDC5402

For this program abroad students can also take a 1 credit Spring 2022 course (ED3000/ED5000/ or MA304).

Faculty Leaders

Dr. Lindiwe Magaya, Ph.D., has taught Special Education courses at GCU for more than 10 years.  Prior to that she taught in Zimbabwe for more than 10 years.  She belongs to the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and the Division of International Special Education Services, organizations founded in the United States that advocate for children with special needs and their families. She has presented numerous research papers, internationally and nationally, comparing the identification of students with special needs and special education service delivery in the United States and in Zimbabwe.  Her understanding of special education service delivery in the US has challenged her to research and promote culturally relevant ways of providing special education services to children in developing countries. 

Dr. Sarita Nemani is a Professor of Mathematics, Computer Information Systems, and Physics at Georgian Court University.  She was born and raised in India.  Her research interests include Perturbation methods for approximate and exact solutions to linear system of equations; the development of efficient algorithms for parallel processing; spectral approximation theory for variational problems; Interlace polynomial of various graphs and its properties; labeling of various graphs and its properties; and Mathematics education.  Dr. Nemani also has experience leading high school students abroad to India for a 2-week program.

Program Costs


Please email the Office of Global Education Programs to learn more about the program costs and program details.

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