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Inside Asbury

Inside Asbury is a website and Instagram account dedicated to showcasing the activities and small businesses in Asbury Park. Students worked to create visual content for these platforms, using social media analytics to track the success of their Instagram posts. They were also responsible for creating a product giveaway for the account and creating PDF guides for local restaurants in the area.

Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Samara Hossain

Samara Hossain

As a digital communication major with a marketing minor, I’ve been looking to work around areas of media relations, journalism, and social media. Being able to help the Instagram account for Inside Asbury has helped me grow both professionally and academically. Some things I’ve worked on include conducting research on the shore town Asbury Park, media pitching, and getting the account to gain an additional 200 followers through content creation. All these actions were done from platforms such as Instagram, Later.com, and Google Drive.
Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Taylor O’Keefe

Taylor O’Keefe

I am currently a senior digital communication major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in English at Georgian Court University. During my internship last year, I assisted companies in creating content for their social media accounts. During this semester, I have been working with a travel Instagram company based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and have been writing content such as stories and posts. We also have been working on a giveaway campaign, Instagram reels, and a PDF tour guide.

Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Maya Riley

Maya Riley

Inside Asbury has given me the opportunity to learn about what it really takes to construct a good Instagram post. Vera provided my group and I with different articles and videos that could aid us in understanding whatever concept we were covering that week. Currently, we are working on finding the most popular hashtags to incorporate in our posts.