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Brunella Bowditch

Dr. Brunella Bowditch

Associate Professor


School of arts and Sciences



Office Location:

Jeffries Hall 202

Office Hours:

Educational Background

PhD in Biology from George Washington University MS in Biology from George Washington University MS in Theology from Georgian Court University BS in Biology from La Sapienza University Rome Italy

Professional Experience

Associate Professor of Biology GCU Chair of Undergraduate Biology Program GCU 2008-2013 Chair of Graduate Biology Program GCU 2008-2013 Associate Professor of Biology Trinity College/University DC 2003-2007 Chair of Biology Trinity College Washington DC 1996-2002, 2004-2007 Chair of Science and Mathematics Division Trinity College 1996-1999 Acting Chair of Biology 1994-1996 Postdoctoral Fellow Smithsonian Laboratory of Molecular Systematics 1990-1993 Plant karyotyping Assistant Department of Botany University of Rome Italy Herbarium Assistant University of Rome Italy

Research / Creativity Interest Area

  • As a Catholic and a scientist, I enjoy teaching courses that allow our students to reflect on how science and theology as two fields of knowledge can come together to help us to better understand the origin of the Universe, the Earth, and the diversity of life as well as the role of our species within the diversity of life.
  • As a Mercy Associate, I enjoy teaching courses that help students to become aware of issues that still challenge our society and the world, helping them reflect on what issues most speak to them, and where they feel they can be of service.
  • The research I have engaged in includes:
    • Recording the diversity of life on the Georgian Court University campus with the aim of showing students the evidence of evolution through observed characters as well as the theological dimension of the beauty of creation and the inherent value of all life in the light of Pope Francis’ “Laudato si'”.
    • Developing a photographic atlas showing diagnostic characteristics of Angiosperm families growing in the Georgian Court University campus, to be used in botany courses.
    • Studying the flavonoid chemistry of Leucanthemum vulgare introduced to NJ. After determining the chromosome number and proper identification of the species HPLC data of taxon is conducted.
    • Comparing flavonoid content present in European and NJ oxeye daisies.
    • Studying the flavonoid chemistry of the Leucanthemum atratum group collected in Italy.
      • Both projects were and are currently conducted in collaboration with members of the Chemistry department at GCU and two Biology students.

Additional Information

I enjoy gardening and photographing nature, especially plants, flowering plants, and their pollinators.


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