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Matthew Sheridan

Dr. Matthew J. Sheridan

Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice


Arts and Sciences


Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Sociology, and Human Rights

Office Location:

Jeffries Hall 116

Office Hours:

By appt

Educational Background

  1. Ed. D., Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1992  (Criminology and Social Psychology)
  • Dissertation: “An Exploration of the Personal Experience of “Prisonization:” Utilizing the Concept of Environmental Press and the Introduction of a Concept of Minor Press to Account for Exceptional Circumstances in the Environment.”
  1. M.A., Reading, Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, 1976
  2. B.A., Political Science, Stockton State College, Pomona, New Jersey, 1973

Professional Experience

College and University Experience
  • Visiting Assistant Professo3- 2004 – Present      Georgian Court University,  Lakewood, New Jersey
  • Director of Criminal Justice Internships-Department of Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Sociology, and Human Rights
  • Correctional History, Philosophy and Organization
Community Corrections Correctional Administration Community Justice Internship Introduction to Criminal justice Parole Senior Seminar Social Deviance Women and Crime 2012 – present       Consortium – NJ Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prisons (NJ-STEP) School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University 2010 – 2011              St. Peter’s University, Jersey City, NJ Criminology Multiculturalism and Law Enforcement Senior Seminar   20011 – presnt       American Council on Education Reviewer of Training curriculum and syllabi for college credit assignment
        1. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
        2. United States Coast Guard, Yorktown, VA 
        3.  Virinia State Police Academy
        4. Virtual Reviews of Curriculum
2004 – Present     Rutgers University, Department of Criminal Justice, New Bruswick, NJ Prisoners and Prisons Juvenile Justice Correctional Systems Ideas in Justice Criminological Controversies Camden Campus: Corrections:  Special Topics Community Corrections Domestic Violence   1999 – 2007         Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey Counseling in the Criminal Justice System (Graduate Course) Behavioral Administration in Corrections  (Graduate Course) Community Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis (Graduate Course) Managing Organizational Change (Graduate Course)   2008                       Middlesex County College, Edison, New Jersey Criminology 1979 – 1986                            Reading Instructor   1998 – 2006          Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, New Jersey, Corrections Faculty and Consultant 1997                       Burlington County College, Pemberton, New Jersey Corrections 1994 – 2002          The College of New Jersey, Trenton, New Jersey The Prison Experience Correctional Administration Corrections and Parole Issues in Parole Institutional Corrections Juvenile Justice 1994 – 2000          American Correctional Association (Reviewer) Mental Illness in America’s Prisons Everybody Does It Prisons In Crisis 1991 – 2011          Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, New Jersey, Introduction to Corrections Introduction to Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency Juvenile Justice Criminology 1972 – 1975          Burlington County College, Pemberton, New Jersey, Consultant for the development of prison education strategies and monitoring the implementation of prison educational programs in higher education Professional Experience 2005- 2013                               Executive Assistant for Juvenile Parole and Transitional Services Design, implement, and manage higher educational and operational initiatives t0 provide effective parole and                                                                      transitional services for Juveniles August 2003-July 2005           Executive Assistant for Deputy Executive Director Designed, implemented, and managed higher educational and operational initiatives to provide effective parole and  transitional services.   September 1995-Aug. 2003    Executive Assistant for the Office of Education, Managed interagency relationships, reviewed and revised policy, program development, research, and special initiatives.  Conducted internal reviews and designed, implemented and delivered training.   July 1995- September 2001   Executive Assistant for Office of Operations, Reviewed and revised policy.  Conducted program development, research, and special initiatives.  Conducted internal reviews and design, implemented and delivered training. The liaison between governmental and private organizations and oversaw interagency relationships including higher education. 1982- 1995                               New Jersey Department of Corrections and the Department of Human Services                                                    Staff Development and Resource Academy (PTC Certified) Assess needs, design, write, implement and deliver training curriculum for 600 employees transferred to Department of Human Services Supervised residential and day treatment programs, conducted staff training for program development and operations utilizing innovative approaches for Education, Drug Treatment, Aftercare, and Early Intervention.  Court Assignments included serving as an intermediary for judges designing appropriate interventions and corrective alternative for youth entering the criminal justice system. Instructor Special Courses, Correction Officers Training Academy  1985 – 1987                             Director, Highfields Residential Group Center                                                                                                                                                                            Responsible for overall operation of the program including budget, scheduling, staffing, and overseeing the reconstruction of the facility following a fire. oversaw renovations and conversion of existing space to house an expanded population. Restructured the program from treatment of delinquent youth to treatment of Developmentally Disabled Youth maintaining the traditional treatment format of Guided Group Interaction.  Developed alternative education strategies.  Wrote and reviewed policy and procedure for the management and supervision of a special needs  population including child abuse, suicide prevention.   1982 – 1985                              Manager of various units (Sandy Hook, Oceanfields, Jamesburg) including the adaptation, renovation, and upgrading of former barracks buildings for residential  placement.  Special Assignments                                                          included intervention at units experiencing difficulties and implementing changes to promote appropriate                                                                           treatment,  education, and management strategies.

Research / Creativity Interest Area

More than 35 years of progressively responsible experience in the criminal justice field as both practitioner and academic. Convict Criminologist, frequent presenter of papers on corrections and criminology issues. Frequent lecturer at New Jersey Colleges and Universities, professional and other interested organizations. Criminal Justice faculty at Georgian Court University and Coordinator of Internships. Core areas of expertise include correctional and parole operations, correctional administration, Juvenile Justice, correctional education, and the courts. Publications include The Historical Dictionary of American Criminal Justice and Exploring and Understanding Careers in Criminal Justice. Criminal Justice Management including institutions, community residential, day treatment, and private organizations for effective responses to need. Private consultant for improving operational proficiency for compliance with state and federal standards. For questions please contact at msheridan@   The Prison Experience Careers in Criminal Justice Prison Literature Convict Criminology

Additional Information

  • Books: 
Sheridan, M.; Rainville, R.; King, Anna;  Royster, B.; and Fazari, Giuseppe M. (2019). Historical Dictionary of Criminal Justice.  Lanham,                    MD: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. Sheridan, M. and Rainville, R. (2016). Exploring and Understanding Careers in Criminal Justice. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield                      Publishers. 
  • Articles
Sheridan, M. (2021). Convict Criminology for the Future. Contemporary Justice Review. 202  DOI: 10.1080/10282580.2021.1918987              Sheridan, M. and Lalka, T. (2021). Careers in Criminal Justice. Oxford University Press. Sheridan, M. (2017). Law and Order as a Popular Political Slogan. The Use and Abuse of Police Powers in America: Historical Milestones and Current Controversies, ABC-CLIO, Inc. Sheridan, M. (2017) (1) Convict Criminology; (2) Custody levels; (3) Prison Ethnographies; (4) Sports in Prison.  Lockdown Nation: An Encyclopedia of Controversies and Trends in American Prisons. ABC-CLIO, Inc.. Sheridan, M. (2017). Bathory, Countess Elizabeth. The Encyclopedia of Women and Crime. Hoboken, NJ:  John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Sheridan, M., & Richards, S.  (2013). Collateral Consequences of Felony Offenses.  Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics Sheridan, M., & Richards, S.  (2013). Convict Criminology and Higher Education.  Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics Sheridan, M. & Dobrzanska, A.  (2011). Tragedy of Our Prisons: A Call for Prison Reform.  Journal of Prisons and           Prisoners. Sheridan, M. (2011).  Classification, Community Corrections Encyclopedia, 2012. Sheridan, M. (2009, Spring/Summer). Correction officers from whence you came. The New Jersey Chapter-       American Corrections Association, Corrections Quarterly, 8-9. Sheridan, M (2009). When prison, ignorance, and higher education converge as a re-entry issue. The New Jersey       Chapter-American Corrections Association, Corrections Quarterly, 6-8. Sheridan, M.  (2009, March).  The malignant criminal justice system  (Letter to editor). Miller-McCune.  6. Sheridan, M., & Richards, S. (2008). Prison – convict criminology. The encyclopedia of social problems (pp 713-    714). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.  Sheridan, M.  (2006, Spring)  An introduction to the convict literature of Devil’s IslandNew Jersey Criminal     Justice Educator, 7-9. Sheridan, M., & Richards, S.  (2007). Convict criminology: An advocacy for smart approaches to crime and      correctional options. New Jersey Criminal Justice Educator.7-9. Twersky-Glasner, A., & Sheridan, M. (2005). Police psychologist: Gatekeeper and ally.  New Jersey Criminal      Justice Educator, 10-11. Sheridan, M., & Steele-Dadzie, T.  (2005). Structure of intellect and learning styles of incarcerated youth Assessment:  A means to providing a continuum of educational service in juvenile justice.  The Journal of       Correctional Education. Twersky-Glasner, A., & Sheridan, M.  (2005).  Vocational, educational and psychological assessments of deaf inmates: The need for cultural awareness.  Justice Policy Journal, 1-26. Flint,C. & Sheridan, M.  (2003). Women and re-entry.  Institute for Social Justice, National Re-Entry Roundtable,        35-41. Book Critiques Muni, M. & Sheridan, M. (Spring 2009).  Insideout: Fifty years behind the walls of New Jersey’s Trenton State Prison.  New Jersey Criminal Justice Educator.  42(9 1) Sheridan, M. (2007, Fall) Life on the outside:  The prison odyssey of Elaine Bartlett.  New Jersey Criminal Justice       Educator, 1(1), 11. Sheridan, M, & Twersky-Glasner, A . (2006, Spring /Summer)  The Big House:  Life inside a “supermax” security prison New Jersey Criminal Justice Educator, 1(1), 10-11. Sheridan, M.   (2006, Spring /Summer).  The crying wall and other prison stories. New Jersey Criminal Justice      Educator, 1(1), 12. Sheridan, M. (2005, Spring). Breakout:  From prison to the big leagues.  Hunterdon County Baseball, .2(1), 21.


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