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Science is an integral part of decision-making in today’s world, which is why a B.S. in Biochemistry from Georgian Court University is a solid start for a career in research or teaching or a health career such as medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy.

Biochemistry graduates from our university enjoy developing new products and policies for a wide variety of industries. Your opportunities abound for entering medical school or graduate work, teaching at the elementary or secondary school level, or pursuing scientific careers in the private and government sectors.

To earn this degree, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including your General Education requirements and the major requirements below.

Major Sequence

A minimum of 42 biochemistry credits, plus courses in related areas, including:
Biochemistry Courses
CH113General Chemistry I4
CH114General Chemistry II4
CH223Organic Chemistry I4
CH224Organic Chemistry II4
CH241Quant. Analysis4
CH304Chemical Literature2
CH311Biochemistry I4
CH312Biochemistry II4
CH331Quantum Chemistry4
CH332Reaction Dynamics4
CH416Topics in Chemistry/Biochemistry3
CH420Chemistry/Biochemistry Seminar1
Related Courses
BI121Cellular Organiz., Energetics & Function4
BI204Genetics & Evolution4
Select one of the following:4
Cell Biology
Advanced Molecular Genetics
PH121University Physics I4
PH122University Physics II4
MA115Calculus I4
MA116Calculus II4
Strongly recommended additional courses:
Inorganic Chemistry
Instrumental Analysis
Total Credits70

For more information on program requirements, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

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