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Minor in American Studies
Learn more about America’s past and present from a variety of disciplines to gain a better understanding of culture and society in the United States. The minor in American studies lets you design your own educational experiences while improving your writing, research, and critical thinking skills. The minor is an ideal complement for careers in teaching, law, business, government service, communication, and graduate studies.

Minor in Anthropology
If you’re a natural seeker, a minor in anthropology may be an ideal complement to your education at GCU. Enrich your knowledge of cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology, as well as archaeology. You will excel at conducting research and applying critical thinking to real-world issues.

Minor in Computer Information Systems
Expand your knowledge of computer programming, systems, software, and other technology tools with a minor in computer information systems from GCU. You’ll discover the foundations of computer science and how to apply them in today’s always-plugged-in world.

Minor in Economics
Gain a strong grounding in economic principles and theories with a minor in economics from GCU. You’ll study economic systems at different levels and explore the role of institutions, groups, and regions within those systems.

Minor in Integrative Health
In recent years, integrative health practices have expanded to Western cultures—and are being embraced wholeheartedly alongside traditional medicine principles. Focus on preventing illness and disease, and learn about the whole-person approach that encompasses this dynamic field.

Minor in International Area Studies
Gain a deeper understanding of cultures around the world and how today’s global society affects everyone. The minor in international area studies offers a broad complement to just about any area of study and positions students to better understand how the world works and evolves.

Minor in Latina/o & Caribbean Studies
Refine your language skills and discover more about these cultures from perspectives of sociology, art, music, philosophy, criminal justice, English, French, Spanish, and social work. Material covered in the courses that make up this minor directly represent people from Latina/o and/or Caribbean cultures, providing an authentic academic experience to enhance a broad range of careers.

Minor in Politics, Law & History
Expand your horizons with an interdisciplinary minor in politics, law, and history from GCU. Gain a deeper understanding of how politics, laws, and history shape society today, and explore putting them to good use in society.

Minor in Sustainability
Enrich your education and be a force for positive change with a minor in sustainability from GCU. This program explores the interaction between the world’s natural and social systems, and develops your ability to deploy innovative solutions to cultivate a more sustainable world on a social, political, environmental, and personal level.

Minor in Women’s Studies
Go beyond understanding the roles women have played in the world throughout the past, present, and future. Given GCU’s history as a women’s college and a Mercy University, it’s an ideal place to sharpen your knowledge in this area.