Apr 20 – Apr 29, 2019:
Fragrance and Color:
* Yellow, blue, green foliage of our many conifers throughout our campus
* Pink flowers of cherry — Front of Maria Hall, Japanese Garden
* White and pink flowers of dogwood — throughout campus except in Sunken, Japanese and Italian Gardens
* White, purple flowers of Hellebores — Wellness Garden, Sister Maria’s Chapel Garden, E side of Mercedes Hall
* Yellow flowers of grape holly — Sunken Garden entrance
* White, pink, yellow, purple fragrant flowers of our many lilacs — east of Marron Chapel and Japanese Garden, near 7th St Gate, W of Mercedes Hall, S of Raymond Hall
* Variety of spring bulbs — Sister Maria’s Chapel Garden
* Pink flowers of redbud — N of Farley, N of Court Cafe, Wellness Center Garden and Front, E of McAuley Chapel, Front and North of Mercy Center, front of Raymond Hall West
* Pink and white flowers of crabapple — Apollo Fountain and Sunken Garden, N of Jeffries Hall, S of Farley Center