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Event Services

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The Office of Conferences and Special Events offers comprehensive event services to host your next conference, meeting, or other special event at Georgian Court University. We can tailor your event arrangements to meet your needs and requests, and boast a wide variety of event venues.

Prior to your program, we will:

  • oversee general planning;
  • reserve housing, dining, and meeting space;
  • help you choose appropriate meals for your participants;
  • reserve special equipment as needed; and
  • coordinate activities of campus service departments.

During your program, we will:

  • welcome participants in your conference;
  • register participants into housing;
  • provide information packets for each of your participants;
  • provide conference assistants to monitor your program’s needs;
  • assist with audiovisual equipment; and
  • confirm readiness of facilities for all functions, including meetings and catered events.

After your program, we will:

  • reconcile your program account and prepare a final invoice.

How to Request GCU to Host Your Event

  1. Requests from external organizations must be made to the Office of Conferences and Special Events. The privilege of using facilities by an external organization may be granted only when a Conferences & Special Events Facilities Use and Service Contract has been properly executed between the external organization and the Office of Conferences and Special Events.
  2. The organization must utilize the exclusive university dining services contractor (Chartwells). No food or beverages can be brought to the university.
  3. The organization must purchase comprehensive general liability insurance to cover the period of organization’s use of university facilities. The certificate of insurance shall include the following:
    1. Georgian Court University shall be named as additional insured on the certificate to cover the specific event, series of events, or resident conference as outlined in this agreement.
    2. Limit of liability should not be less than $1,000,000.00 for each occurrence for bodily injury and property damage liability.
      Programs that include minors are required to provide proof of background checks for all staff and participants over the age of 18.
  4. A nonprofit organization must provide a NJ ST-5 tax-exempt form prior to issuance of the Facility Use and Service Contract or will be subject to New Jersey sales and/or occupancy tax. A Conferences & Special Events Facilities Use and Service Contract must be properly executed. The organization is responsible for all associated direct costs.

More Info?

For more information, contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events at 732-987-2263 or e-mail us at specialevents@georgian.edu.

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