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Film & Literature in Ireland


This study abroad program is designed to immerse students into the Mercy heritage by exploring Irish sociocultural history through the lens of film and literature. Particular emphasis will be placed on the Mercy Critical Concern of Women (along with other marginalized voices), as well as the Mercy Core value of Justice. Students will be critically engaging with viewings and readings pre-trip. While in Ireland, students and faculty will actively create visual and written works. Post-trip, time will be spent reflecting on the process with a final submission of a written or video piece.


  • Dublin sites!
  • Book of Kells & the Old Library
  • Mercy International Centre
  • Irish Film Institute
  • Irish Emigration Museum
  • James Joyce Centre
  • Oscar Wilde House
  • Glendalough/Wicklow Black Castle


The program will connect to the academic content of these courses and provide students with experiential learning. 

  • CM217: Media Production

This is an introduction to digital video production and post-production techniques, concepts, and terminology. The course will include hands-on practice with basic script writing, camera operation, lighting, sound, and editing. General Education Visual & Performing Arts credit for non-CM majors.

  • EN225 WI: Special Topics in Writing: Investigative Poetics

Investigative poetics invites the artist-activist to seek justice through truth-centered storytelling. Honing observation, interview, and archival research skills, this course encourages the writer to see the global in the local and political in the personal—to situate oneself in the investigation. Through project-based learning and COIL (collaborative online international learning), writers will generate poetry, fiction, journalism, and travelogue.

This program is open to ALL students even if they are not registered for one of these courses.

Faculty Leaders

Marci Mazzarotto, MFA, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Digital Communication. Over the summer of 2022, Dr. Mazzarotto completed an MFA in Film & Television Production at Asbury University, allowing for additional creative opportunities in collaborating with the production of music videos and documentary shorts. With this study abroad trip to Ireland, the main goal is in collaborating with students to highlight the power of visual storytelling through direct experience.

Kristen Park Wedlock, MFA, is a writer, publisher, and Assistant Professor who believes in the power of words to record, reflect, and shape the way we experience our world. Study under the lineage of Anne Waldman, Allen Ginsberg, and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, informed the dharma arts method and poet-activist aesthetic that KP Wedlock invites to the classroom and practices on the page. During this study abroad in Ireland, students will use art—film and literature—as the medium for practicing contemplation and action. 

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