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Healthcare, Business, & Sustainability in Aruba


For nursing students the program focus will be on cultural influence in providing healthcare to a multicultural population with comparisons to the healthcare provided in the U.S. Students will compare and contrast differing approaches but attention will focus on the commonalities.

For business and other majors, the focus will be on Aruban culture and community services, ecology, Aruban business operations, and entrepreneurship while building on previous knowledge to compare and contrast in collaboration with Aruban students.


  • Aruba Aloe Factory
  • Hospitals & nursing homes
  • Wind Turbine Farm
  • Aruba University collaboration
  • Baby beach coral
  • Desalination plant
  • Beach
  • Lighthouse


The program will connect to the academic content of these courses and provide students with experiential learning. 

  • NU470 Special Topics (1 credit Spring 2024)  

In this course, students will examine the relationship between cultural values, beliefs and practices as related to health in the multicultural country of Aruba. The course builds upon the topics of culturally competent care and communication that were introduced in the Introduction to Professional Nursing course.  They will examine healthcare within the context of diversity and multiculturalism in a region that has experienced vast immigration.  Through visits to various healthcare agencies in Aruba, students will learn about the history and demographics of Aruba and how providers have adapted to offer equity in healthcare.  Students will describe strategies that promote delivery of culturally competent care to clients and their families. Students will identify techniques for communicating with clients when there is a language barrier. Students will identify common chronic health tendencies and the nutritional needs of all citizens in providing necessities for a healthy life. The strategies and techniques identified in providing multicultural healthcare will be discussed and applied to their practice in the U.S

  • BU416 (3 credits Spring 7-week session A)

The course is a study of the Caribbean island of Aruba. It examines a variety of topics including business operations, manufacturing, technology, sustainability, ecology, ethics, and human services. Traveling to Aruba for 1 week will also provide students an experience in Aruban culture, local food, street art and beautiful parks and beaches. Emphasis will be placed on a team approach to problem-solving along with Aruban students for a 1-day panel discussion with Aruban entrepreneurs at the University of Aruba. There will be active class participation and regular written assignments. Prerequisites: none. 

Faculty Leaders

Dr. Deborah Kennard is an Assistant Professor in the Hackensack Meridian Health School of Nursing and Wellness. Dr. Kennard earned her A.A.S. from Bucks County Community College, a BSN and MSN from Kean University, and her PhD from Seton Hall University. She has been a registered nurse since 1994 and has worked in many areas of nursing including Psych, Med-Surg, OR, Peri-op, and administration.  Her research interests have focused on health literacy.   While this will be Dr. Kennard’s first time leading a study abroad program, she has been to Aruba multiple times. 

Dr. Kathy Marino earned her Ph.D. in Higher Education Management, Leadership & Policy from Seton Hall University and earned a Master degree in Instructional Technology and MBA from Georgian Court University. During her 20 years as a full-time Information Technology Director, Dr. Marino also taught Technology Literacy to first year students, and courses in Cyber Crimes, Digital Forensics, Hacking Cultures, and Research Methods. As a full-time faculty at GCU she is teaching courses in Management Information Systems, Analytics, E-commerce, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Security. With her previous corporate experience in management, education, and a background in many facets of technology, Dr. Marino provides essential education in current technology for tomorrow’s leaders.

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