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Georgian Court welcomes students for Fall 2020 classes–read highlights of our plans and download the app, which must be completed daily before coming to campus. Always check GCU e-mails and for the most up-to-date information.

Global Virtual Internships

Apply now for global online internships that are based in organizations and companies around the world!  Develop intercultural competence within the workplace as well as skills to work in a digital world. E-mail Laura to learn more about these programs.  ude.naigroeg@dlawedorgl 


Locations: Hong Kong, Spain, Argentina, England, Ireland, China, Italy, & Australia $1,495


Locations : England, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand $1,450-$1,650

CIS Abroad

Locations based in: South Africa, Ecuador, New Zealand, and Argentina -->4-week accelerated rolling application deadlines and start dates - $1,090
-->6 week internships - $1,690


Locations based in: Bolivia, Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador, India, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Panama, Serbia & Kosovo, South Africa, and Vietnam $1,950

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To learn more, please contact Laura Grodewald : ude.naigroeg@dlawedorgl