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Hong Kong virtual program fall 2021!
november 4-8th

Join our fall 2021 virtual program & Immerse in Hong Kong Streets and culture without leaving New jersey!
hong kong virtual program

  • thursday, november 4th 7:30-9:30pm *virtual
  • Orientation Orientation to our program and to Hong Kong history and culture. 
  • Streets & Markets of HK Live interactive virtual tour of Hong Kong  
  • FRIDAY, November 5th  9:30-11am  *on campus                                 
  •  Dumplings & Live Exchange   Meet the group you are traveling with on campus for some dumplings and sharing   
  • Food & Culture of Hong Kong Learn from our virtual host in Hong Kong about the culture and tradition
  • friday, november 5th 8-9:30pm *Virtual
  • Hidden Side of HK  Live interactive virtual tour of Hong Kong
  • Monday, November 8th 7:30-9:30pm  *on Campus (virtual option)                                                          
  • Paint the HK Cityscape with Rainbow Tse Join a famous watercolor painter as she teaches us how to do a watercolor of a typical Hong Kong scene  www.rainbw.art
  • Final Tour Debrief & Reflection                                                    

  • Free to students in GS200- Global Perspectives of Diversity                                                                                          (Fall 2nd session 1 credit course)
  • $60 program fee for all other students & community members
  • Watercolor supplies will be provided at GCU
  • Open to GCU Alumni, Faculty, Staff, & Administration after October 19th   
  • Priority is given to students & virtual seats are limited!
  • Application will open for students on August 19th!  Please apply on Blackboard under the Global Education organization –See “Application Process” and apply under “Hong Kong Virtual Program”  (*please see Getting Started for details on how to join the Blackboard organization)
  • You will receive a confirmation within 3 days confirming your acceptance to the program
  • Application for GCU alumni, staff, faculty, and administration will open here from October 19th – October 29th 
  • Please contact Laura Grodewald for any questions