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Art & Language in Madrid, Spain


This trip will allow students to spend a week in Madrid, Spain, learning about the language, culture, and history of Spain at the same time that it can serve art students as a source of inspiration and direct exposure to world-renown art pieces at top museums such as El Prado or Reina Sofia, where they will be able to see famous pieces by Goya, Picasso, Velazquez, and other acclaimed artists.


  • El Prado Museum
  • Royal Palace
  • El Escorial Monastery
  • Reina Sofia
  • Toledo day trip
  • Flamenco Show


Students going on this trip will have three options to receive credit, which are the following:

  • WLC215 will be offered for three credits. Please note: this course will satisfy the general education language requirement.  Students will enroll in the first 7.5w portion of the Spring 2019 semester. The course will be offered on a hybrid format with some contact classes and lots of online activities that will train students on basic uses of Spanish to practice while abroad. They will also be given some cultural information to do some research on, regarding painters, writers, or important historic locations in Madrid. This will prepare students with the minimum knowledge of Spanish and culture they need to navigate a short study abroad trip to Spain.  Students will choose a landmark, or an important person from Spanish culture to prepare a report on before going on the trip. During the trip, we will go on guided visits of all locations selected and will hold reflection meetings afterwards. While in Spain, students will share with their classmates the information they looked up before going on the trip, and how that information got enriched by the knowledge they acquired first-hand. Students will write a short report after their trip, discussing their new findings regarding the historical figure or landmark based on their previous research, direct experience, and guided tours.
  • WLC210 will be offered for one credit. Students who choose to earn the one WLC210 credit will complete an exploratory paper about three Spanish cultural landmarks or Spanish artists whose work we will be seeing while on the trip. While in Spain, students will attend all field trips and reflection meetings, which will enrich their understanding of the places and art pieces on display at museums and other locations. Students will complete a report after the trip is completed, in which they incorporate both their preliminary findings and how the trip enriched their understanding of Spain as well as the landmarks and/or artists that they chose before going on the trip.
  • AR437 will be offered for one credit. Students will use the trip as an educational field trip that may serve as inspiration for future personal projects. They will be encouraged to learn about art pieces, periods, techniques, and artists from the several museums and landmarks that will be visited. Daily reflection sessions before/after visiting landmarks/museums will focus students’ attention on the time periods, type of art, artistic currents, and important artists/pieces they will be able to see first-hand.

Faculty Leaders

Dr. Jaime Rivera Flores, PhD – Dr. Jaime Rivera Flores is an Assistant Professor of World Languages and Cultures, specializing in Spanish. He was born and raised in Mexico, but has lived in the US since 2001. His research interest include 20thCentury Mexican literature, with a special interest in humor, and Mexican cultural studies. Professor Rivera Flores has led three other study-abroad trips to Spain before.

Amy Faris, MFA – Amy Faris is an artist born in Red Bank, New Jersey. She currently teaches painting and drawing at Georgian Court University and Brookdale Community College.  She is the current recipient of a Sustainable Arts Foundation Fellowship with a studio residency at Gallery Aferro, Newark NJ and a participant in the New Jersey Creative Capital Career Development program, supported by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.  Her work has recently been included in exhibitions at Site: Brooklyn, the 2018 New York Outsider Art Fair, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York and the Mikhail Zakin Gallery in Demarest, New Jersey.  This will be the second time she leads a study-abroad trip to Spain with art students.

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