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Venture Cinema

Students working with Venture Cinema created pitch decks and trailers for some of the upcoming films produced by the production company. As a group, they also completed script reads for Venture Cinema’s films and provided feedback and input on the scripts.

Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Alycia Bardon

Alycia Bardon

I transferred with the intention of pursuing journalism, but my time at GCU has sparked in interest in media production. Working with Venture Cinema has given me the opportunity to explore and play in a field I never thought I would get to. So far, our group has gotten to create teaser trailers with the use of Adobe Premiere Pro, reviewed and given feedback on film scripts, and developed strategies to aid in improving social media presence.

Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Matthew Pimm

Matthew Pimm

Working with Venture Cinema required several tools and skills, but the most used technology was Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. After analyzing scripts and obtaining promotional art for several films, we were able to edit clips together to make trailers for his films, as well as add promotional art to these trailers.

Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Hanna Thrainsdottir

Hanna Thrainsdottir

I am passionate about the importance of storytelling and accurate representation in media. I am interested in media production, specifically postproduction and video editing. In this class, I have worked with Rob Ciano at Venture Cinema on diverse projects related to film production, such as creating and editing teaser trailers for a feature film, reviewing scripts, and creating pitch decks.