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Georgian Court welcomes students to the Spring 2021 semester. Please regularly check GCU e-mails and for the most up-to-date information. Download the CampusClear app, which must be completed every day that you are on campus.


Master dance techniques and cultivate your knowledge of the history behind all types of dance with a B.A. in Dance from Georgian Court University.

Our graduates leverage their degrees to work as teachers, performing artists, choreographers, researchers, and other difference-makers in the arts and entertainment industry. Many of them combine the major along with a second major or minor in fields such as art, music, exercise science, communication, psychology, and business. With two tracks to choose from, you can tailor the B.A. in Dance program to meet your individual skills and aspirations—focus in performance or non-performance. Or earn a minor in dance or dance therapy to add another specialty. The opportunities are endless to pursue your personal and professional passion at GCU.

To earn this degree, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including your General Education requirements and the major requirements below.

Major Sequence

Students will complete a placement evaluation during the first week of school, and will be placed in the appropriate technique level accordingly.

Required Courses
DA100Dance Essentials & Wellness3
DA116Technical Applications for the Stage1
DA117Light Design for Dance1
DA150Dance Improvisation2
DA201History of Dance3
DA202Music for Dance3
DA250Choreography I3
ES220Introduction to Nutrition3
DA280Kinesiology & Experiential Anatomy3
DA360Laban Movement Analysis3
DA400Capstone Project3
or DA450 Choreography Project
DA471Internship in Dance1
Total Credits29

Performance Track

Students who choose a performance emphasis must take 18 credits of Ballet or Modern technique at the 300 level or above, including at least one semester of DA321 Ballet III and DA331 Modern Dance III. Students must also complete DA350 Choreography II, and two consecutive semesters of DA370 Dance Ensemble.

Note: Dance majors in the performance track are required to take Ballet and Modern Technique every semester either for credit or dance audit.

Non-Performance Track

Students who follow a non-performance emphasis must take 16 credits of Ballet or Modern Technique at the 200 level or above, including one semester of DA221 Ballet II and DA231 Modern Dance II. In addition to the required courses for the major, students choose 9 credits in an area of interest such as choreography, history, criticism, therapy, arts administration, production, or business. The non-performance track is designed for students who are double majors.

A percentage of the grade of each dance technique course reflects the student’s technical competency, as assessed by the stated competency skills for the course. Students who receive an A in the technical component of their grade will be eligible for promotion to the next level of technique.

It is the department’s policy that any course in which a major receives a grade lower than a B- cannot be applied toward the major requirements.

For more information on program requirements, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

Minor Sequence

The dance minor is a 21-credit minimum. It is geared toward the entering first-year student with intermediate technical skills, who wishes to major in another discipline while studying dance. Required courses include:

DA100Dance Essentials & Wellness3
DA150Dance Improvisation2
DA201History of Dance3
DA221Ballet II2
DA231Modern Dance II2
DA250Choreography I3
DA280Kinesiology & Experiential Anatomy3
Total Credits18

For more information on program requirements, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

Minor Sequence

The dance therapy minor will supplement majors such as Dance, Music, Education, Psychology, Education, Special Education, and anyone interested in movement used as a therapeutic intervention. This is an interdisciplinary minor offering courses from dance and psychology. It consists of 23 credits: 12 credits from psychology and 11 from dance.

Dance Courses
DA150Dance Improvisation2
DA310Dance/Movement Therapy: Fundamentals3
DA360Laban Movement Analysis3
DA410Dance Move Therapy: Working w/Groups3
Psychology Courses
PS111Introduction to Psychology3
or PS113 Foundations of Psychology
PS221Child & Adolescent Development3
PS223Psychopathology 13
PS270Theories of Personality 13
Total Credits23

Prerequisite: PS111 Introduction to Psychology or PS113 Foundations of Psychology

For more information on program requirements, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

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