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English at Brookdale

If you choose to pursue a B.A. in English from Georgian Court University, you’ll develop practical skills that translate seamlessly into the business world.

You’ll have the ability to write and speak well, and so much more. Enhance your critical thinking, research, analytical, and interpretation skills—not to mention your communications acumen—in this multifaceted program. Enter a wide range of career fields that can include law, teaching, writing, library, or education administration. This versatile degree, not to mention minors in English and writing or a concentration in writing, also offers you a flexible foundation to pursue graduate work.


To earn a B.A. in English, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including:

For more information on program requirements, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.



  • EN300 Gateways to Literary Study (3)
  • Anglo-Saxon & Medieval Literature (pick one):
    • EN312 Heroes, Myths, & Monsters: Anglo-Saxon Literature (3)
    • EN313 Violence, Sex, & the Quest for Self: Medieval Literature (3)
    • EN314 Chaucer (3)
  • Renaissance Literature (pick one):
    Note: Secondary education majors must take a semester of Shakespeare.
    • EN301 Shakespeare I (3)
    • EN302 Shakespeare II (3)
    • EN315 Shakespeare & the Theater of Violence & Obsession (3)
  • British Literature (pick one):
    • EN316 17th-Century Literature (3)
    • EN317 18th-Century Literature (3)
    • EN318 Romantic Literature (3)
    • EN319 Victorian Literature (3)
    • EN325 Modern British Literature (3)
    • EN326 Contemporary British Literature (3)
  • American Literature (pick one):
    • EN310 American Drama (3)
    • EN321 American Renaissance (3)
    • EN322 American Realism (3)
    • EN323 Modern American Literature (3)
    • EN324 Contemporary American Literature (3)
    • EN327 Make it New: Modern American Poetry (3)
  • Multi-Ethnic Literature (pick one):
    • EN370 Pacific Crossings: Asian-American Literature (3)
    • EN375 Natives & Strangers: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S. (3)
    • EN376 We are Made of Words: Native American Literatures (3)
    • EN418 African Diaspora (3)
  • Senior Seminar (both required):
    • EN429 Bookends: A Global Literature Seminar (3)
    • EN430 Senior Seminar (3)
  • Electives (15)

Writing Concentration

To complete an English major with a concentration in writing, you must successfully complete the 24 credits of required courses for the English major (listed above), plus an additional 10 to 12 credits in writing.

  • Choice of courses (pick one):
    • EN299 Student Practicum (1)
    • EN405 Internship (3)
  • Choice of courses (pick three):
    • EN213 News Writing & Reporting (3)
    • EN215 Creative Writing (3)
    • EN221 Argument: Rhetoric & Research (3)
    • EN222 News Editing (3)
    • EN225 Topics in Writing (3)
    • EN230 Writing on the Web (3)
    • EN250 The Power of Grammar (3)
    • EN416 History, Structure & Phonology of English (3)

Note: To complete the English major with a writing concentration, select 3 to 5 credits of English electives. Electives may be chosen from any of the English offerings, EN113 or higher. Students who minor in writing cannot choose the concentration in writing.

For more information on program requirements, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

Teaching Credentials

  • Early Childhood Education (P–3) with Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement
  • Elementary Education (K–6) with Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement*
  • Teacher of English (K–12) with Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement*

*Teacher of English as a Second Language option available

For required professional courses in education, please refer to the School of Education.

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