Digital Design

Expand your knowledge of and skills in digital design, 2D animation, game design, and video production with a B.A. in Digital Design from Georgian Court University.

If you’re coming to GCU with an associate’s degree or transferring from another program, this academic path may be right for you. Enjoy a wide range of career opportunities in the creative industry backed by a technology-forward program that blends basic principles, art, creativity, and business know-how.


To earn a B.A. in Digital Design, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including:

For more information on program requirements, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.


Digital Design:

  • GD111 Introduction to Design (3)
  • GD112 Drawing for Designers (3)
  • GD113 Computer Graphics (3)
  • GD114 Graphic Design I (3)
  • GD213 Designing with Type (3)
  • GD214 Graphic Design II (3)
  • GD220/AR224 Digital Photography (3)
  • GD226 Video & Sound Editing I (3)
  • GD322 Web Design I (3)
  • GD327 2D Animation I (3)
  • GD328 3D Animation I (3)
  • GD422 Web Design II (3)
  • AR220 Modern Art (3)
  • Choice of courses (pick one):
    • GD314 Graphic Design III (3)
    • MM326 Video & Sound Editing II (3)
    • GD430 Professional Practices (3)
  • Choice of courses (pick one):
    • GD324 Editorial Design & Book Illustration (3)
    • GD225 Packaging & Pattern Design (3)