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Psychology Scholars Program

Psychology Scholars Program

The Psychology Scholars Program is an honors program for undergraduate students who want to study psychology. Students selected for the program are eligible for special scholarships, accelerated graduation, guaranteed acceptance to Georgian Court University graduate programs, and more.

Benefits of Being a Psychology Scholar at GCU

The program offers several benefits to its members, including the following:

  • Scholarships: First-year applicants who become members can receive an honors scholarship.
  • Accelerated graduation: The program is designed to be completed in 3.5 years, so students do not have to complete or pay for an extra semester. Students with a dual major (education, psychiatric rehabilitation and psychology) can complete the dual degree in four years.
  • Guaranteed acceptance to GCU psychology graduate programs: If you maintain an excellent GPA and successfully interview, you are guaranteed acceptance to your choice of The Court’s three M.A. programs in psychology: clinical mental health counseling, school psychology, and applied behavior analysis.
  • A tight-knit support system: You’ll work through the cohort-based program with a team of classmates—a built-in social and academic support network.
  • Fascinating coursework: Honors courses include more in-depth experiences. For example, students in Social Psychology conducted an experiment investigating environmental knowledge and attitudes on campus; the Multicultural Psychology class went to Italy during spring break.
  • Excellent credentials: Your transcript is marked with your honors status, and every honors course is identified as such—clearly identifying you as an exceptional student.
  • World-class instructors: Full-time, doctoral-level faculty members teach the honors courses.
  • Honors housing: The beautiful honors residence hall provides an ideal setting for high-caliber students to live and work.
  • Access to the University Honors Program: PSP students can also join the University Honors Program, but do not have to be a member of it to participate in the PSP.
  • Research and internship experiences: All students in the program qualify for research and internship programs, better equipping you for continued success in the field.


This honors program is open to students who apply to Georgian Court University as psychology or psychiatric rehabilitation and psychology majors. They can apply to the PSP or may be invited to join the group if they are high-performing students during their first two years.

For more information:

contact Susan E. O. Field, Ph.D., professor of psychology and director of the Psychology Scholars Program, at sfield@georgian.edu or 732-987-2643.

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