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Learn more about some important GCU policies & procedures.

You will not be eligible for a refund unless you officially notify the Office of the Registrar and completed all requirements for withdrawal. The effective date of withdrawal is the date on which the Office of the Registrar receives written notice. No refunds will be made until the conclusion of the add/drop period. Students receiving financial aid should contact the Office of Financial Aid to ascertain the effect of a withdrawal on their financial aid eligibility. No adjustments are made for any temporary absence from the residence halls. Room and board refunds are based on the conditions described in the university’s housing contract. General fees and deposits are nonrefundable.

Within the first week of classesAdd/Drop period—No charge
Within the second week of classesAdd/Drop period—No charge
Within the third week of classes25% of tuition plus all fees are charged
Within the fourth week of classes50% of tuition plus all fees are charged
Within the fifth weeks of classes75% of tuition plus all fees are charged
After the fifth week of classes100% of tuition plus all fees are charged

Refunds & Credits
Refunds are processed on accounts after all financial aid and loan disbursements are received for the current semester. No refunds will be processed on anticipated financial aid. If you withdraw from a course, we will review your account to determine any outstanding financial obligations to the university. After the add/drop period, we also review accounts to assess if refunds are owed.

You can authorize GCU to hold any credit balance to be applied to future charges of tuition of fees by completing a Credit Balances Authorization Form. All refunds will be made to students by a check in the postal mail.

Billing Holds
Billing holds are placed on accounts with outstanding balances after the end of the fifth week of the semester. Holds will not be released unless the balance is paid in full or you show proof of final payment method is received and verified. Payments made by personal checks for over $2,000 require an additional three-day hold before a billing hold is released.

Company Reimbursements
If you receive tuition reimbursement from an employer, you must submit a letter on company letterhead confirming your eligibility as well as the company reimbursement policy. This letter must be handed in at the start of every semester in order to avoid any late fees. Any fees or partial payments that are the students’ responsibility must be paid by the current due date to avoid any billing holds. The only portion of the bill deferred through tuition reimbursement is the amount due from the company. If you need proof of payment for company reimbursements, submit a Request for Paid in Full Statement.

Any company reimbursement payments that are not received by the start of the next semester will be placed on hold until the previous semester is paid. If company reimbursements are not paid in a timely matter, this option will no longer be available to the student and the student will have to resort to other means of payments. Students applying for loans will be placed on hold until the first disbursement is received. Tuition Management System (TMS) users will only be exempt from billing hold if their account has no delinquency of payments to the company for the current year.

Explanation of Fees
The following explains some of the fees that make up student bills.

  • Comprehensive Fee: This mandatory fee covers the following: Use of the library, ID card, student handbook/planner, lectures, cultural and social functions, student publications, Academic Development and Support Center workshops, IT costs, e-mail costs, Self-Service usage, and reduced rates for university-sponsored trips.
  • Off-Campus Student Comprehensive Fee: This mandatory fee covers use of the library, including electronic resources; ID card; charges associated with off-campus locations including rental fees, insurance, security, and technology usage; IT costs; e-mail costs; and Self-Service usage.
  • Parking Fee: All students are billed a fee for the parking permit. If you do not have a car or will not be parking on campus, you may contact us to waive this fee. To obtain a parking permit or waive the parking fee, visit Self-Service.
  • Graduation Fee: There is a graduation fee of $165 whether you attend the ceremony or graduate in absentia. This fee covers the cost of the final degree audit, the diploma, the Commencement ceremony, and graduation regalia.
  • Accident Insurance: All full-time students are required to have mandatory accident insurance.
  • Orientation Fee: This is a mandatory fee for all new full-time first-year and transfer students.

Student Statements & Making Payments
About six weeks prior to the fall and spring semesters, we issue student statements via e-mail. The document shows all charges for the semester including anticipated financial aid. The document may have information on other forms that need to be completed, as well as deadline information.

When making a payment, please note that all checks returned from the bank due to non-sufficient funds will be charged $53. Accounts not paid by the deadline date will be placed on billing hold, which prevents you from receiving grades and transcripts, and registering in the future.

Payment Options

  • In-Person/Mail: You may pay with cash (in-person only), check, or money order. Checks are to be made payable to Georgian Court University with the student’s name and ID number visible on the check. Please note that there is a three-day waiting period for checks to clear if over $2,000. If a student is on a billing hold and paid by check, the hold will not be released until three days after check is received.
  • Other: The university accepts cash, checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks. Checks should be made payable to Georgian Court University and include your name and student ID. Payments by credit card are done online through Self-Service. All credit card payments will be charged a convenience fee of 2.75%. Credit card payments are not accepted in-house.
  • TMS: The university continues to accept the interest-free monthly payment plans offered through Tuition Management Systems, which requires a $52 fee.

If you need additional assistance, contact us at or call 732-987-2295.