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Don’t let a learning disability interrupt your education at Georgian Court University. Join The Learning Connection (TLC), a support program for students with learning disabilities or other conditions that affect academic performance. TLC offers assistance to students who need support beyond their academic ADA accommodations.

The program offers individuals one-on-one support with a professional staff member known as an Academic Development Specialist. Fees are determined by the Office of Admissions.

Additionally, the program offers:

  • A personalized tutoring/coaching program
  • Guaranteed two hours per week of one-on-one sessions with Academic Development Specialists that include content tutoring, organizational, study, and testing taking skills
  • Support in transitioning from high school to college
  • Evaluation of progress
  • Development of socialization and life skills in a warm and friendly environment
  • High graduation rates throughout the years
  • Strong bonds with the Academic Development Specialist that last beyond graduation

Enroll in TLC
To enroll in this program, you must first be accepted to GCU. Indicate your interest in the program on your application. You can send documentation about your disability to the Office of Admissions if you choose to self-identify; otherwise, you may submit documents directly to the Office of Disability Services.

From there, you will meet with the director to discuss your academic needs and set up a support plan.

Contact Us
For more information about The Learning Connection, please contact us or call 732-987-2650.

Luana E. Fahr
Director of the Academic Development and Support Center (ADSC)