Master's Degree in
Communication & Digital Marketing

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Launch your marketing career armed with confidence or position yourself for a promotion to run entire campaigns with our online Master of Science in Communication and Digital Marketing.
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Unlike other master’s degrees, this program delivers the perfect balance of strategic business thinking and creative marketing skills. You’ll master brand strategy in the digital age, return on investment measurements, business analytics, and everything in between. It’s “more business” than a master’s in communication and “more creative” than an MBA.
In short, the GCU Master of Science in Communication and Digital Marketing checks all the boxes.
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Plus, it’s designed to fit your busy life. The program may be completed entirely online—from start to finish—in as little as 12 months (full-time) or 2 years (part-time).
This 100% online graduate program equips you with the tools you’ll need, technically, analytically, and strategically to become a master in the digital world.​
No pre-reqs required. No graduate test scores. Just you, your time, and your innovation.​
Georgian Court’s top-notch faculty’s knowledge, expertise, and network of creatives will have you hobnobbing with influencers and key stakeholders.​
This affordable, ten-course program can be completed in as quickly as one year.​

Excel At Both—
Business and Creative

Just think, by the end of this program you’ll —

The most successful digital marketing pros execute strategies that balance creativity and strategic business thinking. Georgian Court University’s Dr. Ashley Elmore directs the online master’s in communication and digital marketing program, which blends both.

Introduce Yourself

Thanks for your interest. While there are no prerequisite courses or standardized tests required for this program, we strongly encourage you to reach out before you apply. We want to ensure this master’s degree is the best fit for your career goal(s), whether you’re advancing your career or changing careers. Additionally, we’ll waive the $40 application fee should you decide to apply. Thank you.


Marketing During Crises

View the replay of Georgian Court University's Marketing During Crises Virtual seminar. During this seminar, Georgian Court University Associate Professor Dr. Ashley Elmore examined key factors and best practices of adapting campaign approaches to meet changing needs, especially during cultural shifts.

The Details

10 courses, 30 credits—all 100% online. Because we know how important your time is, you can graduate in as little as one year or finish in two years—you pick the pace.

Overview of Courses

Integrated marketing is a communication strategy that provides a seamless experience for consumers to interact with a company or brand across traditional and nontraditional marketing platforms. Learn how to create integrated marketing communication plans that unite strategies such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media. Enhance your knowledge of the marketing mix and appropriate segmentation and positioning strategies.

Explore the interactivity and narrative of digital media through the creation of audio and video projects. As the media landscape continues to evolve with the advent of new technology, you must thoroughly understand the digital world to create digital content that resonates with different types of audiences using different media platforms. Digital Storytelling takes the traditional craft and attributes of telling stories and merges them with new techniques to create diverse digital media. You’ll gain a new skillset in digital storytelling ideas, production, and analysis.

Businesses are inundated with data that could be used to develop insights into their customers, suppliers, and internal processes. The field of business analytics involves using data to guide decision making to improve productivity, increase profits and create competitive advantages. Discover the applications and issues associated with systematically using data to drive business decisions across industries and fields, including marketing, finance, operations, network security, fraud protection and strategy. Learn to collect and integrate data (systems knowledge) and how data informs optimal solutions (decision analysis). You will also learn to make predictions and find patterns (analytic tool application knowledge), to ask the right questions, and to think critically about results (management knowledge).

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, e-mail, and mobile apps. Learn best practices in formulating and analyzing digital-based marketing campaigns, as well as the integration of digital and traditional marketing channels. You’ll evaluate and select digital platforms that collaborate with company goals, brand personality, and the selected target market.

Explore the power of creative approaches of recent and historic innovations in business and industry. Through a case study approach, you’ll develop yourself as a leader capable of solving problems in business settings. Draw insights from the most innovative and successful corporations to explore their approaches as well as examine the role of failure in innovations throughout history using foundational, creative-thinking concepts.

Develop an integrated brand strategy in social media outlets to effectively communicate branding messages across digital outlets. You’ll evaluate tools for evaluating strategic uses of social media, developing a social media strategy and marketing campaign, and creating effective messaging for specific target audiences. You’ll also learn how marketers utilize digital media as a public relations tool to change brand perception, re-brand, and respond to negative publicity.

Critically analyze the legal and ethical framework defining media freedoms and constraints in the United States, including First Amendment rights. You’ll obtain a working knowledge of law and ethics in a media-related context, such as constitutional protection for organizations and practitioners, as well as discuss and analyze a range of legal and ethical issues within the scope of media from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Understanding users is critical in the communication and digital marketing plan. You’ll learn how to create prototypes to diagnose design issues by users, teammates, and other stakeholders such as clients in human-centered usability. Develop prototype proposals and a report evaluating the prototypes and the system. You’ll also formulate recommendations for the redesign of the system and prototype to enhance user-centeredness.

Move beyond social media listening to enhance your knowledge of social media data to provide insights into brand perceptions and digital marketing effectiveness. Learn best practices for research design and how to make data-driven decisions using metrics like engagement, reach impressions, conversions, and overall return on investment (ROI).

This capstone course is where everything you’ve learned—digital storytelling, principles of integrated marketing, user-centered design, creativity, and digital analytics—comes together. Use your new skills to create and implement a marketing and digital communication campaign for a business.

Embark upon a faculty-supervised special project that enhances your knowledge in a communication and digital marketing topic. This optional course offers you a great deal of flexibility in topics to explore further. Prerequisite: Permission of department and instructor.

  • Completed and signed application.
  • $40 application fee.
  • Official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended.
  • Check with graduate admissions regarding additional required application documents.

Your courses will challenge you—but the application will not! We do not require GRE or GMAT scores or even prerequisite courses to be eligible for this program.

Master’s Degree in Communication & Digital Marketing:
$719.00 per credit

Federal Loans for Graduate Students
The Federal Stafford Student Loan (Unsubsidized) program allows graduate students who demonstrate federal financial aid eligibility and who are enrolled for at least 5 credits per term (fall and spring) to borrow up to $20,500 per year or up to the cost of attendance.

To receive Stafford Loans, graduate students must file a FAFSA each year. To be eligible, you must be in a graduate degree program and earning at least 5 credits.

Questions? We’re Here to Help!
If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to the GCU Office of Financial Aid at 732-987-2258.

Meet Your Faculty

Ellen Bernhard

Bernhard, Ellen

Assistant Professor of Digital Communication
School of Business & Digital Media
Jeffries Hall 204A

View Faculty Profile
Jennifer Edmonds

Edmonds, Dr. Jennifer J.

School of Business & Digital Media
Farley Center

View Faculty Profile
Ashley Elmore Devon

Elmore-Bosonac, Ashley

Associate Professor
School of Business & Digital Media
Farley Center (307)

View Faculty Profile
Woman smiling for the camera

Kim, Jinsook

Assistant Professor
Graphic Design and Multimedia
School of Business and Digital Media
Jeffries Hall (110)

View Faculty Profile
Portrait of woman smiling.

Mazzarotto, Marci

Assistant Professor
School of Business & Digital Media
Jeffries Hall (204)

View Faculty Profile

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