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Faculty Research and Scholarship

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Meet the GCU Research Fellows

The GCU Research Fellows are a faculty coalition organized to encourage and support research, scholarship, and creative activity by students and their faculty mentors across the university, as an integral part of GCU culture. Members include:

Theresa Brown

Theresa J. Brown, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Professor of Psychology

Dr. Brown has published numerous articles, book reviews, and a book chapter on topics ranging from balancing work and family to perceptions of workplace aggression. Her current research areas include work-family balance among parents of children with disabilities, the transition process to postsecondary education for students with disabilities, and professional issues in School Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Paul Cappucci

Paul Cappucci, Ph.D.

Professor of English & Director of the General Education Program

Dr. Cappucci is the author of two books about poet William Carlos Williams. His expertise has featured in encyclopedia entries, journal articles, books, and book reviews. His research areas are 19th-century American literature and 20th-century American poetry.

Pamela Rader

Pamela Rader, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Dr. Rader, author of Multi-Ethnicity as a Tool for the Literary Imagination, has received GCU's highest teaching honor, the Virginia Graham '31 Award for Teaching Excellence (2015), and various grants and fellowships. Her research expertise includes contemporary women's literature, multi-ethnic literature, Francophone literature, graphic narratives, and life writings.

Stephanie Rahill

Stephanie Rahill, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Rahill has authored several publications, including article in the School Community Journal and Trainers' Forum. She has research expertise in professional issues in school psychology, the promotion of problem-solving models in schools, and communication and collaboration skills for school psychologists.

Marny Requa

Marny Requa, J.D.,

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security & Director of the Criminal Justice and Human Rights Program

Dr. Requa has authored several journal articles and book chapters, including "Revisiting the Past: Miscarriages of Justice, the Courts, and Transition." She has research expertise in human rights and criminal justice, post-conflict justice, and the judicial system. In addition, she is very active with international human rights organizations.

Michael Wortley

Michael Wortley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Dr. Wortley is a contributor to several publications, including the Journal of Sport and Health Science. He has research expertise in the study of the human gait; 2-D & 3-D videography movements; and qualitative movement diagnosis.