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Work-Study Programs

Georgian Court University Gate
Georgian Court University is pleased to offer several work-study programs. These positions are a form of financial aid that let students “work off” their awards.

Here’s how they work: The amount awarded to a student is paid to the student through a paycheck.

  • The Federal Work-Study Program offers work-study positions on campus that can enhance your skills and give you experience for career development. Are you eligible? File a FAFSA to find out.
  • The GCU Work-Study Program is a student employment program for students who are not eligible for Federal Work-Study. To determine eligibility, complete a FAFSA.

Community Service Work-Study

Students who have been awarded financial aid under the aforementioned Federal Work-Study Program have the option to work off-campus in community service positions. At GCU, we offer these positions in local elementary schools. Students have the opportunity to assist teachers in the classroom—an awesome opportunity for education majors to receive hands-on experience.


If you have any questions about work study programs, contact us at or 732-987-2258.