Georgian Court University and Cumberland County College are excited to announce a partnership for the Associate to Bachelor degree in Social Work. Through this partnership, you can earn your BSW from Georgian Court University on the Cumberland County College campus. The partnership is expected to begin its first cohort in fall 2017, pending interest from you.

GCU is a transfer-friendly institution. Through this partnership, GCU will accept the credits directly from Cumberland County College according to the Articulation Agreement for the AS Social Service and the AS Social Service/Gerontology programs. If you complete all of the required courses listed in the Articulation Agreement through Cumberland County College, you will have already completed at least 61 credits towards your BSW. You can complete additional credits at Cumberland County College to achieve the 72 total credits needed for the degree that are not offered by GCU at Cumberland County College. Please reference the Degree Articulation, found in the University Center on the Cumberland County College campus for the required courses you must take at Cumberland County College.

This program is designed for full-time students, and is comprised of the following course sequence. To remain in the program and graduate on time, you must take the following classes in the semester designated. If you fall out of the sequence, you may be able to make up the course at the Georgian Court University Lakewood campus and then return to the Cumberland County College campus and enter the next cohort.

Junior Year: Fall Semester – 12 credits

SW295 Communications Skills in Social Work SW310 Methods of Social Work Research SW361 Mental Health RS Religious Studies (see Catalog for options)

Junior Year: Spring Semester – 12 credits

SW390 Macro Junior Field Education
SW313 Social Work Practice l
SW311 Shaping Lives: Women & Gender
Ethics (Philosophical Ethics or Theological Ethics)

Senior Year: Fall Semester – 12 credits

SW323 Social Policy
SW414 Social Work Practice ll
SW496 Senior Field Education in Social Work

Senior Year: Spring Semester – 12 credits

SW440 Advanced Policy & Social Work Practice
SW497 Advanced Senior Field Education in Social Work
GEN400 Visioning a Future

The tuition cost of the program will be $510 per credit hour, a 60% discount in tuition. State and federal financial aid may be available to you. Please make sure you fill out and submit your FAFSA to Georgian Court University. Our school code is: 002608.

You can show your interest and intent to enroll, if accepted, by applying today.

The BSW program is cohort based, which means it will run provided there is enough interest to run a full and engaging program. If there is not enough interest to run a cohort at Cumberland, then accepted students will be welcome to attend GCU’s Lakewood campus. Applications can be found in the University Center.


Should you have any questions, please contact Tracy McCarthy at or by phone at 732-987-2759.

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