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Career Services meet and greet

Supporting Your GCU Student: How Career Services Can Help

The biggest influencers in most students’ lives are their parents and family members. You support them in every way possible, even if they attend college far from home. The Office of Career Services at Georgian Court University assists your student in navigating college life—and beyond.

From mentoring students along their academic and career path to coaching them in résumé writing and networking, we provide a warm atmosphere for students to thrive. Rest assured that they are attending an institution with resources that will equip them in earning a degree—and in getting the most from it.

Taking Advantage of Career Services

We share in your goal of seeing your student succeed. Here are a few things you can do to support them:

  • Encourage them to explore their academic and career options. Examining what they want to do in the future can drive their classroom and career goals. This helps them understand why they chose their major. It can also ensure they do their due diligence in selecting a practical, rewarding career path.
  • Urge them to participate in experiences that will make them more marketable to employers. This includes participating in experiential learning, becoming involved in student organizations, and applying for campus employment.
  • Suggest they utilize career services during every year of their schooling. With the right planning, they will be prepared for career success long before they start searching for a job.
  • Make sure they utilize GCU CareerLink, GCU’s convenient web-based portal to job opportunities and more.
  • Understand and accept that their goals may shift and/or they may choose a career path you would not pick for them. Explore what their plans are; if they don’t have a career plan, urge them to schedule a career counseling appointment.
  • View the most recent graduate survey report to see what GCU alumni do with their degrees.