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Career Services meet and greet

Support for Faculty and Staff

The entire GCU community—including faculty and staff members—are welcome to utilize the Office of Career Services for a wide range of needs. Our team always looks forward to supporting you as you, in turn, position your students for success.

Whether you require assistance with a student’s experiential learning requirement or would like us to host a classroom program, we enjoy putting our expertise to work for faculty and staff members.

Document Students’ Experiential Learning

Faculty members assist students in fulfilling their experiential-learning requirements. Experiential learning includes service learning, internships, and global education programs. Career services supports the process by helping students identify opportunities and facilitating the documentation of the experience. Though processes differ by experiential-learning type and or department, below is the process to document service learning (contact the Office of Career Services for the internship process).

  1. Register for SL100/SL101; confer with instructor.
  2. Complete service-learning project.
  3. Log in to GCU CareerLink.
  4. Choose Experiential Learning from the action menu on the left side of the page.
  5. Submit Service-Learning Completion Form.

The process is complete when you receive e-mail confirmation that the form has been submitted.

How Faculty Can Use Career Services

The Office of Career Services supports you in advising students and ensuring they are career ready. Please contact us directly for more information.

  • Refer a Student: Career services can assist in guiding students and graduates. We assist with career and major decisions, job searching, résumés, interviewing, networking, and more. We offer business insights into career paths for a wide variety of industries. Our goal is to support student learning by helping students apply their academic learning to their future careers.
  • Connect With Employers: Meet employers at career services’ events or seek referrals for employers to serve as guest lecturers.
  • Integrate Career Services Into the Academic Experience: Incorporate student attendance at our events into your curriculum or as extra credit.
  • Refer an Employer to GCU: You are an expert in your field. Know an employer who should post jobs to the university’s job board? We’d love to hear from them—e-mail us the information.
  • Request a Program: Our staff offers specialized career programming to a single student or a class. We’re happy to work with you to provide a program tailored to your field as a speaker for your class or to help you secure a speaker.
  • Write Letters of Recommendation: We support you in writing student recommendation letters (see sample below) by providing employer insights into what they are looking for in candidates.
  • Provide Graduate Data: Browse our most recent graduate survey report to learn more about how GCU graduates are faring in the professional world.
  • Share Resources: View the resources below.

Activities: Integrating the Career Readiness Competencies Into the Classroom (NACE)

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