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Georgian Court welcomes students to the Spring 2021 semester. Please regularly check GCU e-mails and for the most up-to-date information. Download the CampusClear app, which must be completed every day that you are on campus.

Grading System

Repeat Grades:

If you take a course to improve a grade, the higher grade will be used in your academic average. The lower grade will remain on your transcript. Repeated courses must be taken at GCU, unless special permission is given by the department chairperson.

Incomplete Grades:

Incomplete grades not completed within six weeks after the end of a main semester will revert to an F. No special notation is recorded on the transcript.

Skills Development Courses:

Credits are not applicable towards the degree requirements.
GradeEquivalenceQuality Points per hour of credit Used in GPA
A95 and above 4.0 Yes
A- 90–94 3.7 Yes
B+ 87–89 3.3 Yes
B83–86 3.0 Yes
B- 80–82 2.7 Yes
C+ 77–79 2.3 Yes
C73–76 2.0 Yes
C- 70–72 1.7 Yes
D+ 65–69 1.5 Yes
D60–64 1.0 Yes
FBelow 60 0.0 Yes
INCIncomplete 0.0 No
WWithdrew0.0 No
WEWithdrew with Extenuating Circumstance 0.0 No
AUAudit0.0 No
PPassing Grade 0.0 No
SSatisfactory Work 0.0 No
UUnsatisfactory Work 0.0 No
TTransfer Credit 0.0 No
GradeEquivalenceQuality Points per hour of credit Used in GPA
ASuperior4.0 Yes
A- 3.7 Yes
B+ High Average 3.3 Yes
B3.0 Yes
B- Effective Fall 2012 2.7 Yes
C+ Unsatisfactory2.3 Yes
C2.0 Yes
FFailure0.0 Yes
WWithdrew0.0 No
INCIncomplete 0.0 No
P Acceptable (Project/Thesis) 0.0 No
P* Acceptable Worthy of Distinction (Project/Thesis) 0.0 No

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