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Institutional Student Learning Goals

Student with her teacher looking through a microscope

Note: Undergraduate and Graduate Institutional Learning Goals and Assessment.

Assessment Plans for the GCU Institutional Student Learning Goals (ISLG) are found in the GCU Assessment Plan:

 Appendix D (Undergraduate). These goals apply to all undergraduate students, and beginning in AY 2016-2017 the assessment of these goals is separate from the assessment of the Bridge General Education Program. Institutional Learning Goals for graduate students (GSLG) were developed in AY 2016-2017 and the goals and assessment plan are listed under the Graduate tab.

Undergraduate Student Learning Goals: USLG
Assessment Plan:  The Undergraduate Student Learning Goals Assessment Plan was approved by the Provost Council on November 10, 2022.  It covers the Academic Years 2022-2026.
Assessment Plan USLG 2022-2026

Graduate Student Learning Goals: GSLG
Assessment Plan: The Graduate Student Learning Goals were approved by the Graduate Council on April 10, 2017.  The current assessment plan was approved by the Graduate Council on January 26, 2022.
Assessment Plan GSLG 2022-2025

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