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Annual Assessment Reports

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All academic majors and student life departments submit an annual report on assessment findings and resultant actions on or by June 30 to the Office of Assessment. This report aligns with the submitted Assessment Plan for each major program or department. The full reports are available within the university’s schools secure server drives and within the BlackBoard Learn Organization: Assessment of Student Learning (password needed). An executive summary of these reports is prepared by the Office of Assessment. See below.

In addition, faculty are asked to submit an end-of-course (EOC) reflection at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters. These responses are compiled into an Executive Summary by the Office of Assessment. See below.

The Office of Assessment also collects the data and submits reports on university-wide assessment of Institutional Student Learning Goals: Graduate and Undergraduate. The BRIDGE General Education annual report is prepared by the program’s director. Executive Summaries of these reports are prepared annually.

Institutional Student Learning Goals

BRIDGE General Education

End of Course Reflections

Course Feedback

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